DAY 136

Today was quite the productive day for me. I woke up, filmed a video, did a blog post, went to chiro, and into the city to check out some bikes! And I'm definitely feeling much more energized today than the last couple of days. Starting to feel half normal again woot! I think it was all the clif bars I ate today... ahah. Anyways, I'm leaning towards getting the Giant Avail Advanced 1, but still keeping my options open. I also managed to get most of the documents and photos together that I needed for my insurance claims, all I'm waiting on now is the quote from the bike store, then I can shoot off my email and see how we go! So after just running around doing errands all day, I came home, ate a pre dinner then went to Shelby's dads bday BBQ by the billabong (which is a river I think? lol) and it was seriously the best night. I got to meet all of their family friends, and their kids, and also their doggies! All the kids were so kind and hilarious and we just all got along so well! We had a treasure hunt which Tess organized and which my partner and I won! Then Shelby and I talked heaps about letting go of friendships that just aren't working out instead of trying to hold onto them longer than they're meant to last. But mostly we ate, we ate way more than everyone else I swear and it was hilarious.

We had burgers, corn, so much bread with macadamia nut butter, sriracha and AVO. But my fav was eating loads of rosemary potatoes with vegannaise and sriracha. It's just literally like heaven. Then by the time I couldn't eat another bite of food, we had CAKE. Meg, shelbys mom made this incredibly salty and sweet brownie cake, and I probably ate like half of it with loads of macadamia nut butter poured on top.

Then we ended the night with some more amazing chats about judgement and friendship and travelling heeh. And then I went home and legit ate an entire box of nutrigrain because something about these last few days has just got me with an empty pit in my stomach eheh.