DAY 137

YAY starting to feel like myself again. So today was a busy busy day. After a pretty much sleepless night (TOO MUCH CHOC CAKE YESTERDAY :P) I woke up and went for a hike up Lofty with Joey and Biggi. It was the first time in ages that I got a sweat on and dang did it feel good. I jogged really slow for most of it, and I ran by these two guys who looked like they were pretty into the gym, ahah, and I heard them say "yea woah, well it's easier for her, she's so light it's not hard for her because of that." And I turned around while running and said with a cheeky smile "actually it's still really fucking hard ahah." And the guys laughed and were like "oh sorry ahah, thought you had earphones in, you go!" When I got to the top, I stretched while waiting for Biggi and Joey who walked up. I started chatting to this older couple who had biked up, when out of nowhere Alex appeared! He had cycled up, and heard my voice so he came over to say hi! And before we knew it, Joey, Biggi, and Anton had all got to the top as well, so we just sat in the sun and talked for ages. After about 30 minutes, Anthony, Griff and Adam who had gone for a longer loop ride in the hills also joined us up top. It felt so good to start the day getting out in nature and with friends! Then after hiking back down, eating some juicy home grown figs Joey gave me, I stretched and foam rolled. Then began the cleaning. I must have cleaned my place for about an hour. I did the whole 9 yards, vaccuming, cleaning toilets, scrubbing floors, dusting, laundry, etc.. and boy did it feel good. I love cleaning there's something so therapeutic and cleansing about it. But only in doses... I've had enough of cleaning for a good few weeks now haha so don't anyone in Adelaide get any ideas about my love for cleaning LOL. So after my cleaning party, I went to visit Shelby at work (at Boost Juice) to drop off some goodies I got her. I gave her two chocolatey muesli, and nut bars, then also got her some vegan white chocolate since she's never had it before! And after that, I biked to Nutrition Republic to have a chat with Nicole about my travel plans and how that would affect my employment there. She's seirously so sweet, and it was a huge weight off my chest to communicate my plans to her. Then I biked back in the sun super slowly and super carefully, ate some bananas with coconut sugar and tahini, deleted old photos from my laptop, and looked at cycling kits that I wanted to buy ahah. AND THEN... it was off to Shelby's house! Biggi, Griff and I were all going to Shelby's for dinner and a movie, and I was so excited for them to meet Shelby's mom, and of course hang out with her and her lovely family. Her mom was away in Melbourne last time so they didn't get to meet the delightful spirit that is... MUMMAMEG :D So when we got there, she had already cooked up a delightful storm of this traditional african dish called Bunny Chow. Which is basically this curry that you eat inside a loaf of hollowed out bread, and man oh man it was a sensation. The curry sauce just like marinated the insides of the bread, and I ate it with heaps of tahini and sriracha and a tad of vegan mayo becuase, why the hell not ehhe.


Then we had roasted mushrooms with cashew pesto, and some creamed spinach. I also had a few pieces of tahini banana fig jam toast, then literally half the batch of caramel tahini squares because everyone else was apparently full after one slice. I had 4... lol So we all ate dinner outside in the summer evening air, and Shelby's friend Tori was there as well which was so wonderful! We all rambled about important and trivial topics, then after we ate our fill, we went inside and cuddled the doggies which watching a documentary on extreme sports. I rotated between cuddling the dogs, cuddling with Shelby ahha, playing the piano, eating dessert, and listening to Griff play piano, and man it was perfect.

Another incredible night at the FUN HOUSE with Shelby's family, heeh I love them all, and I'm so so glad Biggi and Griff got to meet them and fall in love with them too. 

On a sad note... Biggi leaves tomorrow WAHHH.

On a happy note... I should be buying my new bike tomorrow.

And on a another notes... I'm off to bed.