DAY 138

So today, one of my best friends left, which makes it a sad sad day. But it also makes it a memorable day.


So I woke up at 10 today haah, OOPS. I was just pooped after a late night yesterday and no sleep the day before. Then I got up, edited a video, stretched, did some insurance stuff, then rode to the Giant store to BUY MY NEW BIKE. EHHE. Once I got there I kid you not, I paced around for about 40 minutes just thinking about whether or not I should go for it and buy the carbon bike. The bike I was considering was the Giant Avail Advanced 1, and I was getting a really crazy deal on it, and it was my size, and perfect, and ah. I really wanted it, but at the same time, it was so nice that it almost intimidated me, I was just so scared of scratching, or ruining it ahha. But eventually after talking to some friends, and Ash at the bike store, I realized that all it meant is that I'd be a bit more careful with my new baby, but also that at the end of the day it's still just a bike. It might be all pretty and new and carbon and all that jazz, but it's just a material object and a tool that's meant to be used. eheh SO I BOUGHT IT! Then I locked up my old bike in the city, and biked my new one home, and oh man. It rides like a dream, it's just so much smoother and glides compared to my old Cannondale. I'm seriously in love with it, like not even kidding ahah. 

Then I got back, and tried to organize everything for the surprise dinner I was planning for Biggi. He's going to Meesu at 5:30 with a few people, but I told everyone to meet at 5. He thought that everyone's working or busy which I know is a little mean ahah but it'll be worth it to see him surprised ehe. And he also thought that I wasn't gonna be at dinner till way later, eheh i'm such a sneaky lil bugger haah. So around 4:45 my friend tori picked me up and we drove to MEESU!

I got there just after 5 and most of the gang had already got there, so we just sat and waited until Biggi came! It was awesome to see him smile when he saw everyone! So after he got here, we all got up and ordered. I waited till Shelby got to Meesu since we were sharing, and since it was her first time there! So we got dumplings, taro rolls, rice, spare "ribs" and this spicy chicken and cashews dish!

and man all the food was sooo tasty and Shelby had a great first experience at Meesu! I was sitting at the far end with Adam, and so I got chatting with him, and found out that he did a bike tour from Vancouver down the West coast with his wife and daughter awhile back! He said that BC, Canada is his favorite place in the world and it made me feel so proud to be from Canada haah.

Then after we took a group photo, we all came back in to have some of the Chocolate cake that Meg made for Biggi.

It was actually just a brownie recipe turned into a cake so it was so rich and dense, but oh so good. And you know me, and chocolate, I can't have it otherwise I stay up all night, but even I couldn't resist just the smallest little slice. And it was worth it. Then before we knew it, it was time for biggi to leave for the airport. Freelee was driving him there in her new van, so Griff and I walked out with them and said our goodbyes to biggi. I gave him the biggest hug, and was truly beginning to tear up. And the travelling trio is now down to just Griff and I. But man, I never realized how much I took for granted the comfort I felt from just knowing he was in the same city as me, and that he was there watching out for me. Him and Griff are like my home away from home, they make me feel safe and secure, and to be quite honest I feel a bit lost knowing that he's gone and that Griff will be going too eventually. I'm truly going to miss him so much more than he knows or even I know. I don't even really think it's fully sunken in yet, but man I just know it's going to hit me in a few days when I realize that he's now all the way in Iceland. 

So basically I came home, and ate 5 bowls of nutrigrain, weetbix, banana and PB2 powder while looking through photos and feeling sad about Biggi leaving :( Man I hate goodbyes... even if they are only for a few months!