DAY 139

Went for a short ride on my NEW BIKE TODAY! Hehe I'm loving it so much, but I was feeling super tight and sore so I just took it real easy today. Then I came home and legitimately stretched and foam rolled for over an hour. I caught up on some of my favorite youtubers and sang moulin rouge while stretching and had a fabulous time, which is maybe why I ended up stretching for so long haha. Then I finally took a shower and did my laundry, yay for productivity ahha. Then I spent a few hours editing videos, uploading a new video, and replying to comments. After that I realized how late it was so I went to the shops, sent a letter for the finances of my hospital visit after my crash, and bought some groceries for dinner. I was pretty hungry since I had a huge bowl of oats at 11, then sort of forgot about lunch. I just grazed on bananas and ate a bag of frozen mango while editing (which means sticky laptop keyboard ahah) so by around 4 I was hungryyyyyy, so I made an early dinner.

I had a whole loaf of sourdough with broccolini, sweet chilli sauce and sriracha! Then I had more toast with lots of fruit, pb2, fig jam and cereal heeh.

Then I had some more bowls of cereal because I end every night with cereal, its a tradition :) And while eating I listened to the rich roll podcast, while trying not to stress out about the recent complication in my life... Without getting into too much detail about information that isn't mine to share, but basically the people I'm renting from are being made to leave the place, which obviously means that I have to as well... which means that I have to move and look for a new place again! WAH, was just starting to feel at home here, but oh well, everything happens for a reason, I'll start the house hunt tomorrow, just too drained to open that can of worms today ahah.