DAY 140

I had a bike fit at the Giant store around 9:45 today so I woke up around 6:30 so I could go up earlier and get in a morning ride before the fit. But because it was so early it was absolutely FREEEZING. I went up Greenhill road, and was honestly freezing my ass off, and my fingers felt like ice and could barely grip the brakes ahha. After a chilly 40 minutes I got to the top and started descending down to Nortons which was even chillier, but by then I had gotten back into my Canada mode and got used to the cold haha. But despite the cold I was just loving the ride on my new bike, it feels so smooth, so powerful and ah its just so sexy, I'm in love with it. I'm gonna have to think of a cool name for her :) On my way down Nortons I ran into the usual 8:00 crew, and rode up part way with them to the tap, then just sat in the sun chatting for about 20 minutes before heading back down and to the Giant store. Ash did my bike fit, and he did a splendid job! Adjusted my seat height, the angle of my handle bars and moved the brakes closer so my midget hands could grip them easier. Then I rode back home, and the couple I'm renting from were there as well discussing the recent events, they asked me when I could move out by and I said I wasn't sure, and the guy was seriously so mean to me. The way he was talking to me was just scary rude and mean, gone was the charming kind person who offered me cookies when I first moved in. Now he was just a money grubbing bitter person who made me feel like crap. And when I started to walk away to take a shower he shouted: hey don't walk away I'm not done with you yet. Like wtf, who treats another human being in that way? Man I'm so glad I'm moving out and away from his negative energy and their toxic relationship. I hated seeing the way he treated his girlfriend and so I guess although this move is a hassle it's better in the long run and a blessing in disguise. But one awesome part of today was that I came home to a packet my friends from Canada sent me. They were getting on my case after my accident for wearing a black kit ahha, so they sent me a blue one with matching socks and I love it!

Can't wait to sport it tomorrow on my ride hehe. So after some stretching and foam rolling I went to check out this new place that I found, which is just like a 5 minute ride away. So this place is totally different from my old one, its an older house, very ecclectic, well used and well loved. It makes me feel like I can actually live in it and don't have to walk around on egg shells in my own home. The landlord was also so kind, and told me I have 4 housemates, who I'll meet when I move in. Hopefully I can move in asap so I can get away from all the negative toxic energy at my place eeek haah. Then after that I rode to chiro, and when I came back, I was harassed by the couple I was renting from about taking up too much freezer space for my bananas... I totally understand that I took up more than 1/3 of the freezer but the way they berated me was just so unnecessary. 

I've been surrounding myself with such incredible people that I forgot assholes still existed on this planet. If you're one of those assholes please change your attitude to one of gratitude and get a heart, one that feels compassion preferably. 😊 but today is a reminder that When people criticize or lash out at others it's usually just their own issues or expectations projected onto you or the situation, and the best thing we can do is understand that and not let if affect us negatively or take it to heart, because no one can make you feel scared, inferior, intimidated or wrong without your permission, so take back that power and don't let others people insecurities about themselves dampen your day. Just keep smiling and count on karma to have your back

ahhah anyways, I didn't let them affect my day. 

Tori and I went over to Shelby's house to cook up some dinner for her and her family since they'd done it for me a million times already. Shelby came home at 6 and I wanted to have it all done by the time she came home so it'd be a nice surprise for her to come home to. And while dinner was cooking, I snuck off and played some piano which made me ridiculously happy and at peace. Then Shelby came home and we all feasted. I made roasted sweet potato, potato, pumpkin and this epic veggie stir fry. Then Tori made a banana ice cream with about the 20 frozen bananas I brought over and popped it back into the freezer to thicken up.We ate our dinner with avocado, corn, bread, hummus, sriracha and tahini. Then for dessert I had 6 bowls of banana ice cream with handfuls and handfuls of cereal, black tahini and macadamia nut butter, maple syrup, almond butter, mango, and cliff bars crumbled on top. Like literally the best dessert ever.


THEN GUESS WHAT WE WATCHED? We watched Moulin Rouge, aka my fav movie after Bonny introduced it to me heheh, and man all the music and love and dancing just warmed my heart right up, and obviously it helped that I was watching it with some of my all time fav people in the world! It made me so happy to see Tori and shelby enjoying it as well, and getting into it. They are going to be obsessed with the soundtrack just like I was and still am... ahah.