DAY 141

So I went for such a fun ride this morning. It was the first ride where I was sweating and pushing myself in AGES and boy did it feel good. We went for the most stunning 60 km loop around the Basket and Forest ranges in the Adelaide Hills, and I just had the best time riding in the sun with my mates. It was a perfect sized group of us too, enough to have a great group vibe, but not enough to warrant stopping all the time and getting held up, the group was Anthony, Griff, Adam, Johnny, Callum, Freelee and I. It was also so much fun to be out on my new bike and actually pushing it and feeling how the bike responds. Anyways, after a few hours of fun, I came home to pack up all my stuff so I could move out in the afternoon. So I spent a few hours just tidying up and packing while grazing on coconut date rolls. I'm honestly pretty mortified with the amount of crap I've managed to collect in just over a month ahah, I was so minimalist when I was travelling but now I just have so much useless crap haha.

So after spending a few hours packing I was just exhausted, so I had a 20 minute power nap, then woke up and carried on. Around 3 my friend Tori came with her car to help me move which was seriously SO appreciated. She's such a sweetheart and I could NOT have moved everything without her and her little Suzuki Swift :) Then she dropped me back at my old place so I could bike over to my new place. And by then I realized I was getting pretty hungry so I went to the Coles (WHICH IS RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET BASICALLY, prime location eheh), and loaded up on bread, greens and NUTRIGRAIN! They're on special for $3.70 for the huge 800g box, like how amazing. I stocked up hehe. Then I went to this health shop to get some Sukin facial cleanser, and it was such a nice environment full of healthy products, and on a whim I decided to ask for my friend Shelby, who's looking for a second job, if they were hiring, and it turns out they WERE! So I got their contact info and hopefully Shelby will be able to score a job out of this to help her save for her Europe travels! 

Then Griff messaged me he was going to the Coles and had my Allen Key, so I waited for him, and went into Coles with him for his dinner haul, then we walked back to my place so I could show him my new pad ahah. Then I made the laziest dinner of frozen veggies with toast, and sriracha because I just could not be bothered to chop or wash anything LOL. I ate it on the floor since my bed and chair hadn't arrived yet. And for dessert I ended up finishing off the loaf of bread I bought by having copious amounts of PB banana fig jam cinnamon toast. YUM. Then I may have had 9 bowls of nutrigrain and corn puff cereal with MAPLE SUGAR, and PB2 powder and soy milk, which is just a match made in HEAVAN. 

Then my landlord came and delivered a bed for me to sleep in ahah, and after building it up, and rearranging my room a bit, I'm off to bed.