DAY 142

Met up with Griff this morning at 8 and we did Woodlands way which is like the steepest hill ever ahah, it's a short climb but at the steepest it was about 20% which is pretty flipping tough. So even though it was a chilly morning going up Woodlands definitely woke up my legs and got me sweating, then we just did a little loop and went back down. But man there were so many dickhead drivers out on the road today, one black SUV passed me and was so close to me it wasn't even funny, like probably 30 cm away, it was scary as hell. Anyways, after we went down, we met up with Nicole, Freelee, Harley, and one other guy who I forgot the name of, and we just cruised up to Nortons, where we stopped and chilled for awhile before heading back down. Then I stretched for about 5 minutes, showered, and got my chores for the day started. But first, me and Meg went to deal with some pesky assholes who were trying to just intimidate me, and screw me over. Then Mummameg dropped me of with heaps of cleaning supplies, and that's how I spent my afternoon hahah. But it was as if I sent out vibes to the universe that I needed some entertainment because both my friend Jenny and my mom called me, which made the cleaning a lot more enjoyable. Then I had dinner while talking to Lily which was amazing. It was seriously so wonderful to chat with her, she's just so easy to talk to, and always makes me feel so relaxed and lighthearted, I love that girl to death.

Then after eating a loaf of bread, bok choy and a whole box of nutrigrain cereal with bananas, PB2, and coconut sugar. Then I watched The Theory of Everything, before going to bed.