DAY 125

I had another lazy morning just eating cereal bowls, reading, and editing. Then guess what, after going to the chiropractor I finally felt like my knee was strong enough to cycle! I only ended up cycling super duper slowly for like 25 minutes on the flats but I'm seriously so excited to be back on the bike! hehe. I cycled to the shops to buy some more groceries, then watched Star Wars in theatres with Griff and Biggi. And man that movie just reminded me of how much I LOVE STAR WARS. And finally I spent the evening eating the most incredible dinner. It was just SO MUCH LIFE ON THAT PLATE OF PLANTS.

Rice, corn, avo, bread, steamed bok choy, coriander (I'm so aussie lol), all topped with sriracha and sweet chilli sauce. Then I had 4 more pieces of toast with tahini, cereal, fruit and rice malt syrup, and a few bowls of cereal while listening to the Rich Roll podcast as my family friend does more acupuncture on my knee :)