DAY 143


Today was so much fun. I went for a lovely ride with Maddie and her boyfriend Jeremy. It was an easy 40 km loop, and we just chatted the entire time. I got to hear her entire life story and it was such a beautiful conversation, she's such a lovely person and I'm so happy to have met her. Then I came home and did some more errands, edited some videos, and ate nutrigrain cereal as per usual ahah. Then I went to Kmart to pick up a few more odds and ends for my place like pots, cutlery etc. and since I was right by coles I swung in to buy some bok choy, more tahini, and granola heeh. Then I spent my arvo laying in the sun, and just recharging by napping, and listening to podcasts heeh. Then Meg and Tess swung by my place and picked me up since Griff and I were going over to their place for dinner again. We ended up cooking up a feast of potatoes, rice with peas and quinoa, hummus, this mushroom relish, a zucchini cucumber tomato salad, and sausage rolls with vegan cheesey samosas that meg made. It was absolute heaven. We ate it with sriracha and ketchup.

I had two rounds of dinner and was snacking on the samosas all night because they were just too tasty. Then I had 3 bowls of weetbix with jordans granola, and a few pieces of toast with tahini and fig jam. But even better than the food was our conversations, we talked about heavy deep subjects in such a raw enlightening manner. We discussed humility, self confidence, body image, society, and I also talked about my experience in the past with disordered eating. All in all it was a beautiful night of genuine converstions with people that I truly consider family. I feel so at peace and happy there it's just incredible, it's like my happy place. I also played some more piano, and laughed my ass off at Tess' amazing lipdubs that she made! And now it's 11, and I'm off to bed after the most spectacular day. SO MUCH LOVE IN MY HEART <3