DAY 144


Started the day by going out on a beautiful sunday morning ride in the sunshine with my mates. We did a 60 km ride to Lobethal and back, and holy moly it was just truly beautiful. Some of the most stunning forest ranges, and beautiful descents through valleys, and acres of orchards and eucalyptus trees.

But on the last descent before getting home, I had my jersey partly unzipped and while I was descending at 40 km/hr a bee flew right into my sports bra and buzzed around in there for awhile before giving a painful sting. It hurt like a bitch ahah and I had to pull over to pull the stinger out. And when I got back, I spent a good 30 minutes just stretching and foam rolling, my legs are just getting so stiff, it's like a constant struggle to keep on top of my recovery haah.

So after eating 7 bowls of cereal for lunch, and doing some editing, I walked to Tori's house to make some PEANUT BUTTER CHOC CHIP cookies for the potluck tonight at Nicole, Anthony and shannons new place! They were the recipe from the Vegan Corner, and literally took us 30 minutes total to whip up and boy did they turn out perfect! Then we packed them up and drove over to the potluck. 

The potluck was seirously way too much fun. There were probably 30 people, and more food than I have ever seen in my life. Just when you were stuffed and couldn't eat anymore food, someone else would walk through the door with another few boxes of pizza, or another few bowls of potatoes or pasta etc....

So tonight, I had two heaping platefuls of vegan spaghetti bolognese, crackers and eggplant hummus, bread, curry, rice, cous cous, broccoli, sweet potato and potatoes with maple dijon sauce and a sweet chilli mayo sauce. And a slice of the most tasty pizza I've ever tasted, ever. And because Shelby and Hazel were coming late, I made a few plates for them too so they'd get to try everything as well! Man it was just so fun to be in room full of high vibeing like minded people. There were so many laughs, so much good food, and so many incredible conversations. I really especially enjoyed chatting to a lovely lady called Jen, she was so full of LIFE and vibrancy, and just so kind that it made me so happy. Then Shelby arrived and brought more food ahah, and I had another plateful of food while she ate, but man by then I was really starting to feel my stomach stretch to its limit. So I took a bit of a break. But after an hour I was definitely keen for dessert, so we decided it was time to crack open the So Good ice cream, banana bread, chocolate biscuits, and of course the cookies that Tori and I made. Everyone loved the cookies and I must admit they were tasty AF ahah.

So for dessert, I ended up having literally 5 pieces of banana bread, about a whole tub of So Good to myself, cookies, these fried sugar bananas, baked sweet potato, and all covered in delicious nutrigrain. What happened was I would keep running out of ice cream to eat with the rest of the dessert so my ratio was always off so I had to keep getting more ice cream, but then Id run out of banana bread and nutrigrain, so I'd get more of that, and it was just this never ending cycle involving me eating more dessert LOL. And eventually me and Shelby found ourselves sitting on the kitchen floor while everyone else was in the lounge room. We sat on the floor right beside the freezer so we had easy access to the ice cream lol. And after everyone else had their fill, we were only getting started. We eventually just took the whole tub and brought it to the floor with us, and we just ate straight out of the tub. I seriously love that gal, she's the only other person who would do that with me, and love it as much as me. We are just complete and utter pigs, but we're proud of it too. ahahha. No fucks given. :)


Then around 9 we headed back home after thanking Nicole, Ant and shannon for hosting such a splendid night! And I spent the rest of the evening writing my blog, and reading a new book!