DAY 145

So this morning, we rode up to Nortons at a pretty decent pace, and once we got to the top, I finally got my heart rate monitor working, and man it's so much fun seeing your heartrate on the garmin, I'm just loving it so far ahah. Then we spent the next hour and a bit just stretching and chatting in the grass. I've been having a bit of a fiasco with my rental/landlord situation and it was so humbling to see how concerned they were and how eager they were to help me. Harley and Freelee were such a massive help, and anyone who says that they are bad people, just need to meet them in person. They are two of the most kind lovely people I've ever encountered, truly. Then by the time we finished chatting it was almost 10, so we just decided to roll back down instead of going up to Lofty. I came home and stretched and foam rolled, then legitimately spent an hour or more cleaning my bike, degreasing and lubing up the chain ahha. It's my baby and i'm so careful with her and just want to make sure she's properly loved. :)

Then after sorting out some rental drama, Griff and I went to the central markets where I picked up some sweet pot and bananas, and on the way back, a car that was backing out almost hit us because the driver didn't shoulder check. And Griff went a tad bazerk and was shouting at him and it was pretty hilairous to watch. But in reality it was definitley warranted, that car would have definitely hit us if Griff hadn't yelled out when he was backing up and that would have been another cycling accident which I'd prefer to avoid! :P Then on our way back we dropped in at Shelby's house to say hi and catch up a tad (since it's been SOOOOO long since I last saw her *heavy sarcasm*). I also picked up some sourdough bread that I got delivered to their place, and Shelby's mom made Griff a beautiful stir fry. But I left so that I could meet Freelee since she was dropping my old Canondale off, I'm going to lend it to Shelby for her to ride around in! And then at 5:30 my friend Cara picked me up for dinner at her place. We'd been trying to organize a day that works for ages and I'm so so glad it finally happened! :)

We cooked up rice, and a veggie stir fry that I ate with about half a bottle of sweet chilli sauce and a ridiculous amount of tahini. Then I had a bowl of golden syrup oats for dessert at Cara's place. We talked about friends, life, and being vegan. Then on the drive home we had the most incredible conversation about the beauty of life, and how magical music and our minds and just life in general is. I am feeling so inspired and blessed to be here experiencing this wonderful thing we call life with so many other wonderful beings. AHHHHH HOW AMAZING IS LIFE?! HOW BLESSED ARE WE ALL TO BE EXPERIENCING THIS?! We also discussed the concept of victim mentality and how as uncomfortable as it makes us feel and as much as we hate to hear it, we are in control of our own suffering and our own happiness, so if you're unhappy do something about it, if you're unhealthy do something, change, empower yourself to take the reins of your life. You got yourself into the mess your in and you can take yourself out of it too! We all have that power :D Lastly we talked about the confimation bias, how we see things to confirm our preconceived biases, so if we believe that we are the most unlucky person in the world, then all we'll notice and appreciate is the things that confirm that bias, which is why our perception and attutude is so FUNDAMENTAL to how we experience life in general. 

Then I had 8 slices of toast with bananas and coconut sugar, and a few bowls of cereal before calling it a night!