DAY 146

So I woke up, went for a magical ride with Grif and Freelee. We stopped a few times to take some photos since it was just such a perfect day, and we were all wearing our nice kits today eheh. During the ride, Freelee and I had the most wonderful conversations about our mamas, getting back on track with nutrition, and life in general. It's truly incredible and honestly surreal at times to realize that I'm friends with and just casually going for a morning ride with one of the most inspiring influential people in my life. I remember 3 years ago, when I first started watching her videos, I would think to myself: "wow how cool would it be to meet her and be able to ride where she's riding." And now not only have I met her, but I count her as one of my closest friends, and ride with her daily. It's truly magical, and just proof that what we put out into the universe is what we end up manifesting.

Then after the ride, I filmed a video, stretched, showered, did laundry, and edited. So pretty productive, but then the reoccuring drama with my previous rental situation was intensified, so I spent the next few hours just biking around the city trying to sort it out in my head and in life. Around 4 I came home and was just so exhausted, and I have to admit I let other people's bullying tactics get the best of me, and I was starting to feel the negativity permeate me. I was starting to have negative thoughts and victimizing myself, but after a few minutes of moping, my friend texted me offering her help and it snapped me out of it. If anything this has once again been a blessing. A lesson about the legalities and my rights as a tenant, a lesson about how to handle assholes and bullies, and a reminder that I have beautiful beautiful friends in my life. <3 Then just to make my day even better I had two delicious cliff bars as an arvo snack, which gave me the energy to hammer out some emails that I'd been putting off.

Then I WENT TO THE FRINGE WITH GRIFF SHELBY AND TESS and it was the perfect evening.

So first, Griff and I biked into the city to go to the giant store and... I GOT A POWER METER FINALLY, then after getting some date rolls and juice for Griff, we set up my power meter, which took awhile to figure out ahah. Then we went to the Fringe and waited for Shelby and Tess while setting up our activity profiles on our Garmins to include Watts and Cadence which I now have WOOT. When Shelby and Tess arrived we all went in together, and man I just loved the vibes there straight away. It felt like a folk carnival and I just flipping loved it.

There were twinkly lights everywhere and so many cute medieval stalls tucked away in every corner, just so picturesque. So before we did anything, we tried to suss out food. And impressively there were HEAPS of vegan options at so many of the stalls. We settled on these amazing burgers from the Veggie Galley. I got the sweet chilli tofu burger and it was so saucy and so amazing.

And the chips were so crispy oily and delicious eheh. Then after wandering around we got the most incredible fluffy creamy vegan waffles with bananas berrys and caramel & chocolate sauce with vegan CREAM.

Seriously the best waffles ever. Then we all sat together in the grass with twinkly lights all around us, and with such a buzzing funfilled atmosphere and talked the night away. I SWEAR I LOVE THOSE THREE HUMANS WITH AN IMMENSE PASSION. We're such a random group. A Canadian uni drop out, a welsh physicist, a south african aussie gap year gal, and a 12 year old student (whos seriously too cool for school), but man it just WORKS ahah. I love them so much. AH.

Then Tess and shelby's parents joined us, and we all sat together discussing our future plans for when we'd see each other next eheh, and since it was dark by then, Griff and I watched Tess Bungee Jump, then said our goodbyes to them. We biked home on the nicest bike path, in the perfect summer evening, and after getting home I was still hungry so I had 3 slices of toast, and a big bowl of oats because I seem to just have a never ending appetite, today and everyday... ahah.