DAY 147

Went for a morning ride up to Lofty today, and man it was SO FUN to ride with a power meter, I just loved seeing an objective evaluation of how hard I was working. And today was just an easy ride, but it was still so awesome to have my wattage shown! Gonna push it for an effort in a few days to test out the Power meter I think eheh. Then I came home and GOT SO MUCH SHIT DONE and spent the rest of my day alone. 

I think that one thing our society has forgotten the value of, is being by yourself. In this modern lifestyle, we are constantly networking, constantly with others, socializing, working, chatting, eating, hanging out. We value those experiences and the relationships we form with others so dearly. But what about the relationship we have with ourselves? Does it even exist? Is it positive? Do we value and love ourselves? Are we able to be alone with nothing but our consciousness? I truly believe that in order to have healthy relationships with those around you, we must first look within at our relationship with ourselves. We have to love and honour ourselves enough to devote time to just being alone in blissful solitude. Whether you read a book, take a walk, meditate, dance in your room to 90s music, or simply just take a bath, I think it's so beneficial to spend time alone. It's helped me treasure the experience of being with others so much more. I find that because I've given time to my thoughts and myself, when I'm with others, I can fully devote my attention to them. Remember that honouring yourself is not being selfish. For before we can love appreciate and respect others, we must first love, appreciate and respect ourselves.


Today was exactly that for me, besides going for a morning ride, I spent the rest of my day reading, editing, watching movies, filming videos, writing poetry, and cooking/eating wholesome delicious food. I had fruit (grapes, pineapple and loads of bananas with coconut sugar), oatmeal with goji berries cinnamon and maple syrup, and then cooked up a shit ton of sweet potatoes for dinner. Also ended up eating another loaf of bread for dessert with pomegranate jam, PB2, and banana coins.

Anyways, after today I feel so recharged and reenergized, make sure you also take a day every so often for yourself, to just do what you want, to be alone with your thoughts, and to recharge your soul. And no, spending time alone does not make you a loner without friends or a life, it means you value time with yourself, and that’s an incredible thing.