DAY 148

So woke up to meet the crew at 8 to support Harley on his everesting venture! We met at the tower then headed over to Kensington road, the climb he wanted to everest. Its around 1 km long, and he worked it out that he'd have to do over 60 reps of the hill to get the Everest elevation. But when we got to the road Harley wasn't there yet ahah, apparently he was still on tumblr answering questions. After we did one rep, he met us at the top, and explained that although the weather and all other conditions were perfect for an everesting effort, his peddle wasn't in good shape so the everesting was postponed. We ended up doing the hill 7 times at a real easy pace just chatting the whole time. Then after 7 I was done and came home to stretch, shower and EAT. My tummy was grumbling.

Had some oats and a pineapple cut up for breaky and it was deeelish. However I'm out of tahini and it's really making me upset :( Then I had another beautiful day on my own alone :) Just spent the day filming a few videos and editing too! MAN I am so motivated with youtube right now it's insane, I'm just really finding my stride and my voice on this platform eheh. Then I had some toast and a peanut butter date smoothie, did laundry, and called my mom which was wonderful. And since I woke up pretty exhausted today I decided to have a real early night in. I started making dinner at 4, and cooked up a feast of sweet potatoes, rice, bok choy with tomatoes, red onion, and cauliflower. I also had a few more pieces of bread and ate it all with sweet chilli sauce hehe. I watched "Stuck in Love" while eating and man it was the cutest movie. Then I finished off the loaf of bread for dessert with jam and PB2, had 2 bowls of oats with 5 mashed nanas and a stupid amount of coconut sugar, and a few bowls of Special K cereal. CARBING UP WOOOT!

So essentially what I'm saying is that, besides going for a ride, I spent the rest of the day really just lazing around and eating haha, but man it was much needed!