DAY 149


So I woke up today and just felt like it was my day to do a PB up Norton Summit. I was going to wait till tomorrow, but I just felt like today was THE DAY, to get a sub 18! haah. My old PB was 18:21 so I just really wanted to get below that but preferably sub 18. So I woke up, put my heart rate monitor, made sure my garmin was charged, and went out early so I could warm up for a bit before my effort. I went up Nortons for 10 minutes to warm up then came down to meet everyone at the tower. Today Griff, Freelee, Anton and Alex came out, which was PERFECT. Those 4 guys decided to all help out and pace me up, so after waiting around for about 10 minutes, we headed out. I was honestly so nervous and so pumped at the same time, I knew how much it was going to HURT but I also knew how good it was going to feel to push myself to the limit. So off we went, I just sat on the back of their wheel the entire way up, didn't think about wattage, or anything, just followed the pace they set, and stuck on Anton's wheel. I felt really good the first little stretch, it felt easy and I started thinking: ah this won't be so bad after all if they keep this pace up. But that changed real soon, after the first hair pin about 7 minutes in, I was heaving. I was breathing hard, my mouth was dry, and my legs were burning like a mofo. Then about halfway, after this flat stretch, I was honesty starting to think about just giving up. I just though I can NOT sustain this, everything is killing. I was breathing so loud, and I kept tensing my shoulders so it was amazing that harley kept reminding me to relax and just hold the wheel. But my mental game just wasn't all there at times. I just remember my legs just feeling numb after that point, and after about a minute, I just switched something in my brain that just said: fuck it, even if it's not a PB, even if youre in so much pain, even if you feel like throwing up, just keep going. And about 3/4 of the way there, I honestly felt like I was going to throw up, my stomach was so queezy, my arms (funny enough) were exhausted, I was almost at the point of closing my eyes, I had snot all over my face because I couldn't be bothered to wipe my snot, and I could barely think. But with what brain power I did have I just kept thinking, hold the wheel, hold the wheel, hold the wheel. ahha. And then after what seemed like AGES, Griff said: under a km to go, and that really fired me up and helped give me that final little push, and then before we knew it, Griff was saying: 500m left give it EVERYTHING. And I did, or at least close to everything ahha. And then it was over. 17 minutes and 47 seconds of painful bliss ahah. So I ended up getting a sub 18 time and I was so happy! But boy that effort took me to another place, a place that I won't be visiting anytime soon, just kidding maybe I'll visit in a week or two. ahaha. Honestly it was just good fun, good training, and such a good way to start the day. It's really only a short climb about 5.5 kms but when you're giving it all it just feels like it drags on forever hah. And after getting to the tap, and getting a drink, I tried to spit out and it just went all over me haha, I was just drained after that for quite a few minutes. But soon enough I recovered, and got to chatting and going over every part of the ride. That's like my favorite part is analyzing and talking about how I felt during it. 

Then Freelee, Griff, Nathan and I went back down and up real slow just at a cruisy chatting pace. Then Freelee, Griff and I just spent like a good hour sitting in the grass stretching and chatting about everything. And it was so wonderful, I really do have so much love for them. And then after getting home, I uploaded my strava right away so I could analyze my ride. And the rest of the arvo was spent just being lazy because TBH I was spent! Took a mini nap, replied to comments, and cleaned my baby aka my bike. Then I went grocery shopping with Griff before heading over to Shelby's house to make dinner for her and her fam ahah. It's a tradition now and I LOVE it. We made an epic veggie stir fry, with rice and seasoned it with tamari and every herb ever. Then we ate it with some leftover vermicilli lentil deliciousness.

I also obviously devoured mine with sriracha and tahini. Then we had heaps of bananas with rice, fig jam and tahini for our first dessert. Then Griff Shelby and I bussed into the city to catch some of the "Earthling experience" and to get VEGAN DONUTS. So the earthling experience is this event that Nicole organized where a bunch of us vegans in white masks would stand around in Rundle mall holding laptops that showed Earthlings, and holding signs that read things like "Watch if you love animals" and from what I saw it was a huge success. Heaps of people were stopping to watch and ask questions, and Joey said he reckons he's spoken to 4 people who have said they're going vegan! WOOT! Then we went to GET DONUTS from Happy maple, and boy they were the best donuts I've ever had. I got this maple nutrigrain donut eheh, and it basically tasted like a maple syrup cake with maple glaze and berries/cereal on top. It was epic, but I loved Shelby's caramel donut with this cookie crumble on top. And Griff's was epic too, it was a white chocolate and dark chocolate glazed donut with a jam syringe filling. Plus the owner maple was so so sweet and kind, I just loved it!

And it was even more epic because we ate them while listening to the most amazing busker.  He was playing this guitar that was mounted on a pole and playing it vertically. And man it was incredible, he played spanish influenced music and his fingers were jsut dancing around like a mad man, it was so intriguing and mesmerizing to watch.

Then around 10 we finally headed back, and Meg dropped me off while playing classical music in the car which reminded me of my mom since she always plays piano and violin music too! EEP I'm honestly not even sure what I'm writing right now, my brain's so scrambled and I'm just so exhausted, but I know that it was just a fucking awesome day and I am just so happy. Tired but oh so happy ehhe. And now after eating two more bowls of oats and a cliff bar I'm ready for bed eheh.