DAY 150

So because heaps of people were going to be TT'ing up nortons today I decided to skirt all of that and just do my own ride up Greenhill. Riding with others is so social and so much fun, but I really enjoyed just being alone with my thoughts on the ride today. Then I went to the tap to wait for them all to roll in and hear how they did! And practically everyone PB'd. Griff got a 13:32 which is fucking INSANE! Anton also PB'd, and Anthony fucking got 12:59! Like that's just insane. Joey also got a new PB of 14:45, and it's just nuts to think that just a few months ago he was getting times in the 17's. His progress has just been ridiculously quick, and I'm so inspired by him. He says that he's just broken through a mental barrier and I definitely want to eventually break that barrier as well! haha. Then I went up Nortons easy with Freelee and Nicole before heading back home. Then after eating and showering real quick, Nicole picked me up and we went to the markets to get some groceries and food to take to the vegan picnic that happens monthly in Adelaide. And man was it fun, there was such a HUGE turnout it was honestly overwhelming, and I met so many new people!

One girl I was talking to had recovered from two brain tumors and it was so inspiring to see her positivity and vibrancy even after such hardship. And there was so much good food. Pizza, wraps, pasta, rice, and SO MUCH FRUIT! But my fav was all the desserts, I am such a sucker for vegan baked goods and there was just an endless amount of cupcakes, muffins, loafs, cakes, brownies, blondies etc... eheh. And after just hanging out there all day till about 4, we drove back, and I just replied to some comments on my newest youtube video before heading to Shelby's house for dinner and a movie. It's pretty ridiculous how often I'm at their house hahah it's just like my home away from home, and I just love the familiar family feeling there.

So Griff and I biked over, and we made dinner out of leftovers since Sunday is market day at their house, so we just scavenged all the produce from their fridge and ended up cooking a FEAST.

We made a big veggie stir fry, rice, potatoes, hummus, and it was incredible. We also made the biggest fruit platter, and I had about 4 plates of fruit with rice, tahini and fig jam for dessert. Then a few more cookies for good measure. Griff was just getting eaten alive by mosquitos outside so he ended up going in and playing piano.

And after I finished eating we all went in and sat on the ground listening to him play while looking through photos. Then around 10 Griff and I biked home real relaxed and peacefully under the starry sky, and after getting home I met another one of my flatmates who just moved in. He's a student from France studying economics and was so sweet! We chatted heaps, before I finally decided my drooping eyelids were a sign that I needed sleep! hah.