DAY 151

My sunday funday was definitely a fun one. I went for a 60 km loop ride with a few friends through the Basket and Forest ranges again, and it was just magnificent. It truly is just a beautiful magical ride through the most incredible scenery and landscape.

During the ride, we talked heaps about cycling training, and Griff and I were just reminiscing on how noob I was just a few months ago and how far I've come under his tutelage haha. I swear I'm like his pupil and he's like my cycling master, practically everything I know about cycling I've learnt from him and i am so grateful for his ever patient, knowledgable nature. Anton and I also were discussing different perspectives of health, and what we've heard from The Rich Roll Podcast. It was just the most wonderful way i could think of to spend the morning. A nice cruise with friends, just chatting and being out in nature. So because we stopped and took quite a few breaks, I got back around 12, so after eating, showering, stretching, and uploading my strava (priorities ahah), it was already early afternoon. So I spent most of the day in the sun, editing, getting groceries, and eating. But man I am so exhausted today, I think this week has just caught up to me, and I really haven't been sleeping enough. So I commited myself to an EARLY NIGHT tonight! Around 5:30 some of us went to Meesu for dinner and even though it's delicious, it is quite expensive to eat enough to be full, so I basically just ate before and went to the restaurant just to socialize with my friends. I ended up leaving super early around 7 just because I was so flipping pooped. I came home and had a loaf of bread with dates and bananas with tahini before going to bed at 9. I hope I feel more energized tomorrow!