DAY 126

So today I rode up Nortons, and it was like the most exciting thing. I went super slow, but I did it none the less and it made me so happy. But by the end of it, my knee was definitely starting to feel slightly sore again, so I just rolled back down after doing some stretches at the top. It's funny how an injury makes you appreciate how far you've progressed before, because I'm jsut starting to build my fitness back up again from the ground, it makes me realize how much I was doing before. I would ride up Nortons, then up to Lofty like it was nothing everyday, and now just going up to Nortons fatigues my knee. Definitley offering lots of perspective! Then on my way back along Magill Road, I ran into Harley, and he stopped for about 15 minutes just helping me out and giving me some advice, which I'll share with all of you too! He told me about how all his past injuries were from getting super tight ITB's and Glute muscles, and that it's a good habit to stretch that everyday, and roll those muscles out. Then he also said that sitting on the ground while on your laptop is extremely harmful for your posture, which influences your spine and the entire way your body moves, and I deffs do that all the time, so I made a mental note to never do that again ahah. Then he tried adjusting my left cleat, but didn't have the right tool so he'll finish that off tomorrow. Basically it was just another example of how freely he offers up his time to help others. He wasn't doing this for his own personal gain, far from it, all it did for him was make him 15 minutes later than he already was, and dehyrate him after all the talking ahah. So I really appreciated all his advice and have definitley taken it to heart. So after getting home I immediately stretched and rolled out my ITB and glut, before even eating cereal :) Then I went for another chiro appointment which was incredible. And after that into the city to see a friends mom who's a lawyer that deals a lot in migration. She basically told me that if I wanted to stay in Aus I had a few options: get sponsored as one of the trades / professions Australia wants (accupunturist was on the list, and is something that I'm becoming interested in as of late), become a student or fall in love with an Australian lol. The last one being the simplest logistically haha but the most complicated practically. But I could also just continue to get tourist visa's, but I just wouldn't be able to work, so it's definitely something I'll have to think about. But boy oh boy she was such a kind delightful soul. She had such a bright personality and was so helpful, I can definitely see where my friend gets his personality from! And since I was in the city already, I swung by the central market for some cheap produce. I bought a few sweet potatoes, bok choy, and bananas. I also bought a veggie pie from one of the little bakery stalls in the market which was way tooo salty but pretty darn tasty. 

Then after getting back, and doing a bit of writing I met up with Biggi for some vegan Burgers! They were sweet potato fried patties, with avocado and vegan aioli sauce. But my biggest mistake was decided halfway through that it was getting too messy and eating it with a fork and knife. Just FYI, don't ever do that... burgers are only magical because of the layers in composition you get in one epic bite. Anyways, lesson learned: the mess is worth it. lol Then I came home and realized I was still so hungry so I made rice dumplings (inspired by freelee), and some cabbage and bok choy which I ate drowned in sweet chilli sauce. And obviously I had a few bowls of cereal, snacked on a few frozen bananas, then decided to have 4 more slices of toast with frozen bananas, PB2, tahini, jam and rice malt syrup which is my new thang. I fucking love it, and I did ate it all while skyping with my friend! :)