DAY 127

So today I woke up to an anonymous person sending me a donation through paypal. They emailed me the other day saying: "Hey Steph! Been following you on IG for probably more than a year by now. You're such an inspiration, and I wanted to request that you add a donation option on your website. I know if I buy something on your site that you'll get some of the funds, but I just wanted to send you some money to show my support. Keep doin' what you're doin'."

And I replied with my paypal account, but I didn't really know if they'd actually go through with it, and I was just so humbled and overwhelmed when they did. This person wasn't after any recognition or favour, they just truly wanted to offer me some support. I've never had that before and it was truly touching. So basically that was a fantastic start to my day, which just kept getting better. 

So I rode out to where we usually meet for morning rides, and when Harley arrived he helped me fix my cleat to help alleviate some of the problems that may have contributed to my knee injury. Then I just rode up at a steady talking pace with Nicole. And immediately after the climb, I came back down so I could stretch, foam roll, shower, and eat before work at 11.

So just in case I failed to mention it, I got a job at Nutrition Republic in Adelaide, and holy moly it's my favorite job that I've ever had. I've only had one shift haah, and that was today, but I truly just fell in love with everything about that place. For starters, I've never met two cafe owners that are more involved or passionate about their bussiness than llija and Nicole (the husband and wife team behind it all). They so firmly believe in valuing their customers and their health and it's so wonderful to see. Plus the culture and vibe they've created among their team, and just in their cafe is truly icnredible. It's comfortable, friendly, positive and oh so happy. Even though there were moments where it was crazy busy I just couldn't stop smiling. The staff are also just amazing. I actually already met one of their full time employees Tess through instagram as she's a fellow vegan instagrammer, but the rest of the people working today were literally all so kind. They were encouraging, friendly, made me heaps of smoothies to try, helped me when I was lost (which was quite often), and were just a delight to be around. And then obciously it's just so wonderufl to work in a place with core values that align with mine, their vision is: A happy, healthy you! I can't think of anything else more perfect for me than that ahah. Oh and they have bomb ass peanut butter date smoothies, and hectic desserts and salads, and even better tahini dressings for the salad...

Then after just relaxing for an hour, listening to podcasts and replying to messages Marcelle (one of the lovely gals i met at the vegan picnic on the weekend) picked me up for dinner with her incredible vegan family! and holy shit it was the best night ever. So first of all, Shelby is the sweetest person like ever. So sincerely kind, so genuine, so positive, so insightful and so so beautiful inside and out. She jsut exudes everything that I love in people. Second of all they have the most charming eclectic full of character house. I find that a family's home says a lot about the way they live, and they had a welcoming inviting home that made me feel comfortable and more or less at home. It was one of those houses that feels like it's actually been LIVED in, and where you feel like you can sit down or pick things up. It's not one of those homes where you feel like you can't touch anything and just looking at a table is going to scratch it ahha. Thirdly they have the cutest two dogs from the pound called Scruffy and Scooby.

Fourthly Shelby's mother is just the most full of life, spirited soul ever. She was so giving, and so full on in the best way imaginable. She was like a breath of fresh air in a world full of dust or a ray of sunshine on a rainy day. And lastly the food that we feasted on was just too divine. They made a feast of mustar potato mash, this veggie stack with mushrooms, beets, carrots, zucchini, avo, broccoli, potatoes and more.

Then we had some fresh rosemary bread with fig jam, and lastly the most delicious apple pineapple banana crumble with date tahini sauce.

It was so good that I had 3 helpings, then they gave me a huge bowlful to have another night and I ended up having it before bed because I just oculdn't resist. And before I left they insisted on giving me a huge jar of fig jam, more dessert, and another veggie stack to eat at home. And after Shelby drove me to my place, we parked outside my place and just talked for another while about life, and travel, and over exercising and so much more. Man I'm seriously in love with that family... AND the best part is they live like 1 km from me... heeh. But yup, today was just the greatest day, and I'm seriously pregnant with triplets now but that's alright. #embracethebloat