DAY 128

So today I rode up with the rest of the cycling crew here, and went up to Lofty! My knee felt totally fine but it definitely took it out of me more than it used to, but it's all good, it just means there's more room for improvement :) Then we chilled up at lofty for a few hours just chatting and trying to stay warm in the sun. But after a few hours I started getting so hungry, so Nicole and I went down and I rode home and had a bowl of oats with corn flakes, mango, raspberries, coconut, maple syrup, and tahini.

Next I rolled out my legs for about 10 minutes, before heading off to chiro again! I love going to chiro man, I just always leave feeling so proper and aligned, eheh. Then around 2, Joey picked me up so we could go to a park so that I could interview him for my Youtube Channel. And the interview went so wonderfully, he really is such an inspiring beautiful person with such an interesting unique story. Then on our way home, he started hearing this clicky noise in his engine and noticed it about 10 seconds before it stalled at the lights ahha. Turns out he'd been needing to put water in his car for ages but just kept forgetting and it finally all caught up to him. So we let the car cool down before putting water into it and since we were in the area, walked to the everything vegan store for a quick browse. Joey bought his mom a vegan tee and got some floss and a toothbrush. Then when we got back, he poured in like 4 L of coolant into his car so clearly it was thirsty. ahahha eventually the car started running again but it was still making a clicky sound so after dropping me off Joey went to suss that out, while I went to suss out a pre dinner before going to my family friends for dinner.  The problem with eating at non vegan people's houses is they never make enough rice or food, so I'm always hungry which is why I made rice to eat before eheh. I watched a doco called "Stress Portrait of a killer" while cooking my rice and eating it and holy moly it was incredible. Then after a delicious dinner of rice and tofu, I came home, did some more editing, then went to bed :D