DAY 129

Today was my: let's get shit done day. So this morning, I just rode up Nortons, then to Lofty while the rest of the crew all did a TT with the super elliots cyclists. Joey got a PB that was 1 minute faster than his old time of 16:49 and both Biggi and Griff got PBs of 14:28 (I think or something around there ahah) which is just INCREDIBLE! Then while I rode up to Lofty, all the boys went down to pace Freelee up and she also got a PB! So it was PB's all around! I am so keen to just slowly and steadily build back the fitness that I lost after my knee injury and then surpass that and also get a PB eventually :) Anyways, after my ride, I came home and stretched/foam rolled for over 30 minutes while listening to a podcast. Then I showered, did laundry, vacuumed, pumped up my tires, ate brunch, then walked to the Post office to pick up the parcel that my momma sent me from home. And while I was out I also finally got some items I've been meaning to buy for ages like toilet paper, soap and lotion. Then I also popped into coles to buy some greens and wraps. Then I came home and opened my parcel, and man I swear I have the best momma in the world. She sent me tons of herbs, skin cream, a new toothbrush head, floss, 2 pairs of new running socks, and HURRAW lip balm which is my fav. But the best items were all the cliff bars and cereal that she sent me. She sent me a box of mint choc and a box of choc chip peanut crunch cliff bars, and my favorite Kashi cereal and some Weetabix!

Then I made some banana, tahini and fig jam wraps for lunch which I ate while editing my video from the TDU which is about 2 weeks overdue haha. There was just so much footage that I kept putting off editing because it was such a daunting task, but I finally bit the bullet and did it. It took my all afternoon and a few hours after dinner but I finally finished. I didn't leave my desk that entire time besides to say hi to Shelby who dropped by so I could give her some cereal, and once to go pee.

Then I rewatched the video a few times just to make sure it actually flowed and made sense while I ate my dinner of steamed greens, baked sweet potatoes with tahini and rice malt sryup. Then for dessert I had the same thing as lunch except I added frozen berries, apricots, PB2 powder and blueberry coyo.

I had about 5 wraps for dessert and would have had more except I finished the entire packet of wraps.. :(