DAY 130

So I woke up to a sunny sunday morning after sleeping in until 8:30 eheh. so I decided not to do the big hill ride that most of my friends were doing since most of the climbs were extremely steep and would require me putting a significant amount of power down and grinding, which I wasn’t eager to do just yet on my still recovering knees. So instead I just did my own thing in the hills. I rode up to Lofty where I ran into Callum, so we went down Greenhill then rode up Greenhill again which was tough and so much fun. I'm just so grateful to be back out in nature, on my bike, getting sweaty :)

Then I came and just wrote for over an hour. I always think of concepts and things to ride about when I ride or run on my own, so today just left me with so much writing inspiration. Then I had some coconut yogurt with cereal and fruit, and a cliff bar because I currently feel so wealthy with cliff bars since my moms care package heeh. And then I finally got around to stretching and foam rolling, and while I was doing so, Shelby came by and dropped off the box of bananas that they got for me from the markets. But in addition to just bananas, they also got me mangoes, apples, corn, zucchini, mushrooms, red onions, greens, the best tasting basil, watermelon and pineapple. what a gem <3 I love that gal hehe. 

Then by this time it was almost 3, so I hurriedly showered because I was getting pretty darn smelly, then went to the bike shop with Biggi, so I could buy some degreaser and lube. But when we got to the shop all the bike stores were closed so we just hung out and talked for about an hour before meeting up with Freelee and Griff to ride over to govindas for an all you can eat buffet! Along the way we ran into Harley as well so all 5 of us biked there together.

And dinner at Govindas was delicious as always, I had about 4 plates. But I just loved all the conversations from tonight. My favorite was listening to Harley talk about how he got into cycling. He started when he was 19 as well, and he said in the beginning he would be fucked after riding just 13 kms, and look at him now, riding hundreds of kms a week like it's nothing. It's so inspiring to hear his humble beginnings and just motivates me to keep going (even though I never really thought about stopping ahah.) We also discussed how we can overcome and persevere through most things if we just focus on the present moment. Like when you're pushing yourself on a ride, if you let your mind wander and start thinking about what's still to come it's easy to become discouraged and disheartened, but if all your thinking about is the present moment, then you can get through because anyone can keep pushing for just one more second, then another, then another. Then we rode back in the perfect summer evening air, and it was so blissful and serene. And after getting home I had a few apples with peanut butter and coconut sugar, and a few more bowls of cereal with 2 mangoes, 2 bananas, tahini, and a fuckload of coconut sugar and fig jam eheh.