DAY 131

So I thought today was going to be a super chilled out day, boy was I wrong. So my day started super chilled out. We went for a super slow easy ride where we stopped to raid some fig trees hehe. They were the jammiest, sweetest figs I've ever had and they made the perfect breakfast. The guys got super into picking them, and Griff even got climbing the trees to get the really plump ripe ones haha.

Then I came home, stretched a bit and had a nap. Then after waking up, that's when everything got HECTIC ahha. So first I bike to chiro, but there was a super strong head wind and it ended up taking me almost an hour to bike there. Then after getting adjusted, and another 40 minute ride back, I was already running pretty late. So I quickly biked over to the post office to pick up a parcel my mom sent me for CHINESE NEW YEAR :) But I ended up going to the wrong post office, so had to bike all the way to the correct one ahah. This is the one that I usually go to but for some reason I thought the notice said to go to a different one... you know how sometimes you just make up shit in your head then you believe its true, yeah that's what happened. Hahah, anyways, on my way to the second post office I swear I was just hitting every red light, so I started just gunning it from traffic light to traffic light and worked up quite the sweat in the 33 degree heat! So finally after about an hour I got to the right post office, then realized that the box was too big for my backpack, so I opened it up there and tried to stuff everything into my pack. And everything ended up fitting! So the last few times I'd been there I'd gotten to know the lady at the post office, she's this beautiful Chinese women who moved here with her daughter and husband, and she had always been so sweet and patient with me. So since my mom sent me some really quality Ginseng ( that I probably wouldn't end up using much ) I decided to give it to her for Chinese New Year! Her smile and gratitude was probalby the highlight of my day: :) Then I hurriedly biked home, dumped all the stuff in my pack, then went over to Griff's place so I could degrease and lube my chain. He also helped me film a video that I'd been meaning to make for awhile, which was much appreciated! He's the best camera man haha. And in payment I brought him over some WeetAbix from Canada and Larabars that my mamma sent me. (She's the best). Then just as I was about to leave, one of the guys said they were going to fix the rubbing of my front derailleur, but because the tension was fucked they just ended up making it so my bike couldn't change into the big ring... So now I need to get that fixed... And the worst part was that I was now superbly late for the Chinese New Year dinner at my friends house. So I raced home, uploaded my strava while I scarfed down a heaping plate of potatoes, squash, veggie stir fry, corn and broccoli topped with basil and SRIRACHA!

I always eat before going to their place because they never make enough rice, they just don't understand when I tell them " I eat a LOT" ahah the amount of rice they make for everyone is just enough for me.. so I always eat beforehand and bring snacks. I brought a few larabars and a cliff bar for good measure. And it's a good thing I did because all this commuting was definitely giving me an appetite. I couldn't get into the big ring, so I was just spinning like crazy trying to get there ahah. But it was a lovely dinner, and I ended up eating all 3 bars, and some cereal when I got home just for good measure!

So that is how I spent my Chinese New Year, and for those of you that celebrate it. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. Apparently if you're the year of the monkey, this year is going to be a tad tricky so be on the lookout :P