DAY 132

I woke up after an awful fitful sleep. I chalk it down to the chocolate (aka caffeine) in the clif and lara bars I ate. I'm super duper sensitive to it, and I knew better but I was just SO hungry ahha, but that's alright, I still got a few hours of sleep in so I wasn't a total zombie. So I met up with Freelee, Nicole, Biggi, and Johnny at the tower and we rode up to Nortons, and about halfway up we saw Griff and Harley coming down. They had already gone up to Lofty at 6 am (crazy cooks ahha) and so when they saw us, they turned around and we all went up together. I pushed myself pretty hard going up Nortons and it felt good to become familiar with that feeling of pain again :) 

Then after stopping and chatting briefly at the water tap, we continued on up to Lofty, where we sat in the sun and just hung out together. I got back around 10:30 and after feeding the dog and then myself, I stretched and foam rolled as I do everyday now heeh. Then right as I was gonna grab a shower I got a call from Bonny, and we ended up talking for close to an hour about, well everything. We talked about being aware of how my actions sometimes don't line up with what I say, and it was so illuminating to me. I am SO thankful to have a friend like her who isn't afraid to talk about things that might seem uncomfortable, but honestly I love that she brought up something I was doing that I wasn't even aware of. I just want to be the best version of myself that I can be, and this is just another opportunity for growth. :) Then we chatted about travel plans and coming to SYD to visit and other random shit ehhe.

Then before I knew it, it was time for me to go see Kim at North Adelaide Cycles to get my bike fixed. So I was first introduced to Kim from Harley, and the other cyclists in Adelaide, he's a little bit of a local cycling celebrity when it comes to fixing bikes. He's like a bike whisperer and a magician with wheels, or so I've heard. He runs a little bike shop out of his garage, and just seems to do it out of a love for bikes. So I called in and went to see him around 1, and after literally 1 minute of fiddling with my front derailleur, he had fixed it. Then he said, "there we go, easy." and said it was free, since Harley sent me and since it took no time at all. He's such a kind person, then I got to chatting with him about what he does, and he saw my scar and I told him the story of my accident. ahha, he asked me to send him the photo of my wound since it was so hectic :P Then right about then Biggi showed up to get his brakes fixed as well. Then after Kim worked on his brakes, we went to the Giant Bike shop together so I could look at some new helmets. We discovered today at the top of Lofty that my helmet is fully gone with a huge crack up the front, ahah oopsies. So we started biking towards the Giant store, but because Biggi was using google maps he had his phone out, and all of a sudden we hear this car beeping at us, and we turn around and realize that it's a police car, OOPS ahah. He told us that biking with a phone was an offence, but he ended up being so kind haah. Just gave us a warning, and was super friendly and chatting with us heaps. He just said that he'd seen so many cyclists getting peeled from the road from accidents and that he just wanted us to be safe, which is totally fair. So after that friendly encounter, we carried on to the bike shop where I bought a new snazzy black and purple helmet, which was super lightweight with heaps of air ventilation so I don't become a sweaty mess as much ahha. Then I came home, finally showered, and gave Margaux a ring. We talked for about an hour, and it was seriously such a wonderful conversation. She just gave me so much perspective and put my mind at ease, by basically helping me something fundamental that I had lost sight of, and that is, that nothing in life is constant. Everything is always in flux and changing, and all we can do is just ride the wave and do our best to make the right decision in the moment (which will most likely end up not being the right decision, but I mean what can you do :P) Then Shelby came over by BIKE, and we rode to her place together. It was basically her first time riding on her dads old road bike which he fitted to her, and she went so well. She had cleats and everything, and didn't fall once! I was super impressed heh. Then we came back to her place and immediately went for a dip in her pool with Tess, her crazy energetic hilarious INCREDIBLE little sister. Her dogs scruffy and scooby also joined in on the fun.

Then Griff, who was joining us for dinner arrived so we dried off and let him enter the crazy house of FUN (aka shelby's humble abode). Her two lovely friends Renee and Hannah also came over and we just all got along like a riot. So Griff, Shelby and I cooked up a feast for all of us: we made rice, potatoes, sweet potato fries (which I ate with tahini and maple syrup duh), hummus, a veggie stir fry, and these falafels that Shelby made. And man I just feasted, I had a few mangoes as well with my dinner and added some basil to the rice and hummus mix I had going on and it was just amazing. Then we also had the most incredible brownies for dessert, but I couldn't have too much of it because of the cacao, so she whipped out this fig tart that she had just made up on the spot, and holy shit it was the best thing ever.

I had two slices, and could have eaten more it was that tasty. Then we all sat outside just talking about our travels, and sharing stories.

I loved hearing Shelby's dad talk about his cycling experiences and his perspectives on vegan and life. It was also so intriguing to hear about Renee's accounts of the two years she spent living on a tiny island called Vanuatu, where they only had running water for an hour everyday, but where everyone was so happy and trusting. And after some more mangoes, bananas, and rice with tahini I went to listen to Griff play piano on Tess' piano, and Hannah eventually joined me, and we both just sat there mesmerized by the music. And after awhile, his music just drew us all in and we just sat on Tess' bedroom floor chatting with the beautiful music in the background. Hannah told us about how when she was 5, her and her family drove all over austrailia, and we just all swapped travel stories. Then around 9:30 Griff and I regretfully left to cycle home, it boggles me that I've only really hung out with Shelby twice, I feel like she's already one of my best friends ahah. 

Anyways, the ride home was so serene and perfect. The temperature was just beautiful, and we rode home at such a slow pace just admiring the stars. Griff showed me a few constellations, and before we knew it I was in front of my house. Then because I swear I have to end everyday with cereal, I had some cereal, and now it's 10:30 and I'm READY as ever for bed.