DAY 153

day 153: as magical as yesterday was, it left me feeling like I was hungover today ahah. I'm just not used to staying up till 2 am these days, so boy did I feel it today. Which is why I literally did nothing all day besides laying in bed, messaging friends, watching snap stories, and eating oatmeal and PB and Jam sandwiches. Yes I have these days as well AND THAT's TOTALLY OK. Hoenstly I kind of like these lazy days, they're pretty darn fun ahah. So I only left my room today around 3 to go over to Shelby's house with Griff. Tess was home alone after school and was a little frightened so we went over to babysit ahha, but it was more like just hanging out there while Tess and her friend Polly hung out with us. :) They made up this hilarious game using the monopoly credit cards where they charged us for everything we did around the house from drinking water to playing piano. We all started with 14 million dollars lol and had to use that up for all our activities around the house. Griff and I kept trying to secretly steal money from the "bank" and put it into our credit cards ahah but they were clever and caught onto us right away and ended up fining us 1 million dollars for our attempt ahah. Then we made dinner for the whole fam after Polly left, and oh man I think it was the best meal we've cooked up yet. Today was the first day where I got a bit more creative with my cooking and wanted to cook something exciting up. So I made white jasmine rice, a beautiful veggie stir fry, baked herby potatoes, a fresh and amazing mango salsa, and a "CHEEZ" sauce made with potatoes, carrots, garlic, nutritional yeast, almond milk, and loads of herbs. And everyone loved it!

They all said it was delicious and that warmed my heart and made me very proud hehe, I love cooking for people who appreciate my efforts. Then we ate while watching Mockingjay part 1, and as per usual, I had a few plates, then a few rounds of dessert which was alos THE BEST YET. I had a huge bowl of rice with fruit, date coconut rolls, maple syrup, tahini, coconut sugar and a few almond butter choc chip cookies crumbled on top.

And omg it was just so so tasty eheh. I was in a huge food coma after dessert and snuggled up with the doggies for the rest of the movie. Then we cleaned up as a team, and Griff and I biked home. So that was a delicious fun way to end my epic lazy day of rest. eheh.