DAY 162

So we had planned on doing a long ride today to Wilunga, but weren't sure about the weather. This morning it was dry but the roads were still wet since it rained last night, but oh well, whats a little bit of mud all over ya? That's what shower's are for haah. So Griff, Anton, Alex and I went on the ride and boy oh boy it was the best way to spend the day! I haven't been on a longer ride in AGES and it was so fun just to spend the day biking with friends out in nature. So the ride out to the hills was just so full of angry busy drivers, and we got so much abuse from drivers ahah, but after we got out of the city we were basically just in the hills the whole rest of the ride. 

The first part of the ride, the weather was super humid, it was like Thailand humid and I got so sweaty. The guys were doing hard efforts up practically every climb we encountered, and I was just hoping to last through the ride ahah so I just take it real easy. Then about 2 hours into the ride Anton ran over a rock and got a flat, and holy shit it was the biggest ordeal fixing it ahah. First he put in one of his spare tubes in, but as we were pumping it up we realized the wheel wasn't actually inflating, so after taking the tire back off and tube back out we realized his spare tube had a puncture in it tooo ahaha. So we put a different spare tube in, and that one ended up being dodgey as well LOL.

Then we gave Alex's tube a try, but HIS had TWO leaks in it ahah. And finally we put Griff's in and it held up well! But what a gong show eh? 4 tubes.... ahaha. Then right after that we hit a patch of rain, and it was actually super fun, I just felt so intense and so alive. But I did get super gross and muddy and so did my bike. Then after a few minutes of rain the sun came out and we rode through the most beautiful sunny blue sky weather. It was like all seasons that we experienced today ahah. And by the time we got to Wilunga we all stopped at this cafe that served heaps of vegan food. I just ate my clif bars but the guys got mushroom pies and sushi and I was mighty jealous and really regretted my decision to save money ahah.

After our hour pit stop to rest up and refuel we went up Wilunga hill, and it was pretty funny the guys were so full from their pies and actually went at my pace because of it, YAY. Oh man also just a note, but fuck Clif Vanilla gels are LIFEEE they are so fucking tasty, it's like the sweetest most concentrated sugary gel and it just gives you such a good glycogen hit!

Then the ride home was pretty well paced, we just went at a good consistent pace the entire way back and it was amazing! I ran out of water about 20kms away but Griff gave me some of his and another gel to get me home! I was really impressed with how I held up on the ride, a few months ago that ride would have been such a struggle to complete, but today even though it was a tough ride, it was definitely manageable. But when I got back oh man I was just pooped. I really couldn't be fucked to clean my bike, or even stretch. So all I did was just sit and eat oats, and call Bonny for a quick little chat. Then Griff and I made a deal, I would make him dinner if he cleaned my bike for me eheh.

I made up literally SO much rice, and just some veggies, and we ate it with dill sauerkraut, sriracha and sweet soy sauce. And it was perfect, and we also watched Lion King 2, like one of my all time fav movies ever.

Then we obvs had to have cereal for dessert and I honestly lost count of how many bowls I had, probably over 5. And fuck it was the tastiest shit ever. Rice, blueberries, bananas, kiwi, passion fruit, maple sugar, maple flakes, soy milk and so much Purely Elizabeth muesli and granola. Like between Griff and I we finished the entire box. Then I had even more cereal with the Sustain cereal that Griff brought. Then after the lion king finished, we wanted to watch another movie so we watched the third Land before Time. Lol we are so mature eh? 2 kids movies in one night ahha, but it was just perfect. Literally the perfect day.