DAY 163

Went for a really really slow easy ride to Lofty today. I was pretty pooped from yesterday so I just cruised up. Then a bunch of us just baked in the sun for awhile before heading back down. After that I stretched, showered, and ate some cereal before heading to the shops for some fresh whole foods! I got bok choy, grapes, dates, bananas, and broccoli :)


Then because Nicole is just so so thoughtful, she offered me a lift to Jen's place so we could get some chiro adjustments together, and we ended up spending probably over an hour and a half just chatting with him, his wife, and son Nicholas. Then I came home and edited/filmed another video for my channel before calling my mamma. I just love chatting to her even when it's about nothing in particular. She's just so familiar and loving and always makes me smile. Then I made an early dinner, had oats for dessert, and watched 2 more Land Before Time movies before heading to bed. I AM SO POOPED, and in dire need of an early night. Hopefully I start feeling energized again tomorrow :D

Also I just want to thank all of YOU, yes YOU. You lovely wonderful people who actually read my daily travel diaries. Sometimes I feel as if my mom is the only person who reads them (solely to see if I'm still alive everyday haah), and it always surprises me when I get comments or emails from people telling me they read them daily. Truly humbling to know that people would take interest in me living my little ole boring life, ahah. Especially on days like today where I really just do shit all ahha, but who knows what adventures tomorrow will hold, eheh. Love you all <3