DAY 164

So I went up Greenhill today just to change it up a bit. When I started the ride I could see these 2 guys way ahead, and I was like: k Steph by the end of the climb you need to chase them down and catch them! And I just passed them like one corner before the end of the climb ahha. Then I met up with the rest of the crew at the water tap where we sat and chatted for awhile. One of the girls I'd met at the vegan picnic "Gemma" came up today for the first time with us and she apparently went super well! I'm so proud of her!!! Then a few of us went down Montacute road and up Corkscrew. I basically did corkscrew as slow and easy as humanly possible since I was pretty pooped, and then immediately came home and ate a house, lol. I had a bunch of bananas with dates smooshed on them, then a bag of grapes. And like an hour after I had 2 big bowls of oats with frozen nanas, blueberries, dates, buckwheat, cinnamon, maple sugar, and soy milk. And man it was LIFE. Then I edited for a few hours before heading over to Shelby's place with Griff. We both played some piano, then learnt some of the duet for the song The Rising Sun, and I love it!! IT's so hard and my hand is so sore now ahah, but it's so addictive learning a new piece, or just learning something new in general. After my wrists got so sore I just couldn't play anymore, Griff gave me the best leg and back massage, and right when it was my turn to return the favour Shelby came home from work (muahahah so I got a free massage without having to do anything teehee)aAnd because it's Saturday, which is always leftovers night at their place, we really struggled to find something to make for dinner since all the fresh produce is legit GONE.

So we just ended up baking sweet potatoes, making brown rice, Rice noodles and cooking up the tiny bag of frozen peas and forzen spinach in their freezer. Meg also bought some Samosa's for us to heat up. And when Shelby got back, she also whipped up some hummus in a flash, and we ate everything with tahini, maple syrup and sriracha. NOM.

But the best part was dessert, we made Crepes with Chickpea flour, almond milk and vanilla essence, then ate it with a date sauce, and raspberry banana ice cream and So Good Vanilla Ice cream. YUM.

We also discovered another one of Griffs many hidden talents was that he's a master pancake flipper. He can do the thing where he tosses them into the air and they do like 20 flips in the air. It was SOOOOO PRO! Then we layed on the living room floor and watched the last Hunger Games movie which I haven't seen yet. Long story short, it was amazing and I cried, a lot. Oh and PS I also had 2 more plates of dessert, I basically just mixed the rice with the rest of the banana ice cream, date sauce and some black tahini and it was INSANE in the MEMBRANE :)

Also, I just love friendships where you are literally 100% the unfiltered genuine version of yourself, and that's how I feel around Griff and Shelby. There's no need for courtesies or niceties, because I know they love me and that I don't need to put on any kind of facade or show on whatsoever. And it's not that I'm fake around other unfamiliar people, it's just that I'm a tad more aware of myself and how I behave, but around them I just let go and everything flies.