DAY 165

TODAY WAS GRIFF LEFT FOR BALI (only for 4 days) BUT STILL WAH. ahha anyways today was another rad day in sunny Adelaide. So went for a ride to Lofty with the crew and HOLY MOLY Griff paced Freelee for a SUB 16! She's been chasing this time for ages and she finally got it! She got 15:53 and I am so inspired and impressed by her, like WTF, she is a BEAST. Then we just rode up easy to Lofty and chatted the whole way about LIFE :D. Tbh I just said life because I can't even remember what we talked about ahah I just remember laughing lots and loving the convo. Then I stretched at the top while we all hung out by the water tap before heading back down. Freelee was super keen to get home so she could upload her strava and analyze her power and what not ahah, and we were all keen to see it too! Then I came home, had muesli, showered, stretched, CALLED BONNY TO CHECK IN WITH HOW SHE FELT BEFORE HER BIG DAY (she's speaking at the SYD vegan festival... I know what a legend) and EDITED FOR HOURS. The wifi wasn't working so I couldn't upload the video I filmed (first world problems ahah), but I messaged my landlord and he came straight away and got it sorted, and even ordered a newer faster modem for me! He's such a kind person! Then Griff came by to drop off some stuff at my place that he wasn't taking, and I gave Freelee (Griffs airport taxi) some Cliff bars that my mom sent for Harley LOL.

Then I made some more oats for lunch, and just layed down for like 30 minutes. I was feeling a tad drowsy but that lay down helped. Then I woke up and made my dinner for tonight. I was bringing it to Govindas because I wanted to go and hang out with my friends but I LEGIT had soooo much boky choy and broccoli going off so I just cooked it all up with sweet potatoes, rice, and potatoes. I also made some more oats to bring in case I was still hungry after dinner (which I was ahah). So around 4:30 Nicole picked me up so we could go to this rooftop parking lot that Shannon found which is sweet for taking photos.

So after spending about half an hour on the roof we headed to Govindas, which was honestly so much fun.

It was mostly awesome because heaps of people who don't usually ride came out, so basically I usually don't get to hang out with all of them so it was great to spend time with them! Kais, Belinda, Martin, Luke, Eva and John came out and it was great to get to know some of them a bit better. They are just all so kind and humble people it made me so happy to just be around their energy. One hilarious moment from the night was when Martin and Luke were trying to guess my ethnicity. I ended up telling them it started with "C" and they still couldn't guess it haha. They guessed Cambodia and Central Korea (is that a thing lol?) before finally thinking China. It's just because China is so blatantly obvious that no one ever guesses it, and I guess also because I'm super tanned it just doesn't seem super plausible ahah, but alas I am 100% Chinese :) Then we left around 7:30 and I got home and ate some more oats while watching Land Before Time, and some of Martin's youtube videos (his channel is:thinkaboutthis) before passing the fuck out!