DAY 167

So today was even windier and colder than yesterday. I woke up, rode to the meeting spot, and while I was sitting there I was seriously considering just going home and crawling back into bed, then Freelee rocked up and felt the same... so that's what we did ahaha. So I just rode home and crawled into a jumper and back into bed for another few hours ahah. Which was so wonderful since I didn't end up getting to bed last night until 5 am EEEK I know. So so bad ahah, but the wind was seriously so loud it just kept me up all night, so today I made it a mission to finally buy some proper ear plugs and an eye mask!

After eating a huge bag of dates I finally dragged my tired bum out doors to go to the Chemist and found earplugs. I also stocked up on some essentials like rice crackers, cereal, greens, frozen veggies, and tahini. Then I listened to a podcast in the sun,  replied to all my Youtube comments, wrote a bit for my new Ebook, and watched a few movies. while snacking on puffed corn and frozen grapes. Then I had a few bowls of weetbix before doing some more editing.

Then I made dinner around 4 while calling one of my close friends from home. I made HEAPS of greens and ate it on top of white jasmine rice, and had heaps of sauerkraut and sweet chilli sauce with it. Then I made more rice and had some with puffed corn, fruit, maple sugar, dates, and soy milk for dessert, before finally having a few bowls of special K to end the night. I watched Land Before Time number 10, and that one was my fav growing up and it always made me cry, and tonight was no different.

 Let's hope its not windy tomorrow so I can finally get in a proper ride :D