DAY 168

Today was a funfilled day filled with, you guessed it, FUN! ahah. So I went for my morning ride, and did repeats up Nortons, before going up to Lofty. Freelee, Nicole and Jens rode with me for most of it, then I ended up just going up to Lofty on my own. And on my way down, this young dude passed me on his bike. He was probably like 24, wearing a loose TEE and shorts, and just being a bit of a jackass. He passed me then proceeded to turn around and lecture me on how I was way too far out and that I needed to stay more to the left to be courtious to people who want to pass and ride faster. He ended his shpeel by saying: yea so have some courtesy for the faster riders who want to pass LITTLE GIRL. 

That last comment where he called me a little girl just pissed me off so much, it was so demeaning, and disrespectful to use that kind of language and just so so unnecessary. So he rode off and I was just fuming for awhile, then I saw that he wasn't even going fast, he probably just wanted to pass me for his ego, so I started to push and drop some serious watts. ahah I was like out of my saddle and just going hard, and I wizzed by him, and he shouted to me as I passed: you dont need to show off!

Like man what a little prick ahah, anyways, for the whole rest of the descent my only goal was to not let him pass me, and he didn't. Then I came home, ate a pile of bananas, cleaned my chain and lubed it, showered, then went to Jens' place with Nicole so he could work his chiropractic magic and heal meeeee ahah.

Then I came home, ate some dates so I'd be carbed up before taking a coaching call. And man it went so well, I feel like we really made a lot of progress and I'm so excited to see this lovely gal heal herself physically and mentally and to GET happy!


Anyways then I had a late lunch of weetbix and cereal. As well as snacking on some more frozen grapes (I'm obsessed), before going over to Shannon's place! So tomorrow is Shannon's 21'st birthday, and so i really wanted to plan something for her to surprise her! So Nicole and I decided to plan a potluck at their place tonight! But I really wanted Shannon to have that moment of like WOAH SURPRISE! So I went over early under the guise of "oh lets go and take some photos eheh" to just get her out of the house while all the potluck guests rocked up. We met her at this park by their place and I took heaps of photos for her and all of us and it was super fun, then we just sat in the park and chatted for ages.

I was just trying to stall and keep her from going home until 6. Then we headed back, and because she was biking Federica and I raced home in her car to make sure we got home before her. When we got to their place we came in and saw everyone hiding in the dark, so we joined them and all waited for Shannon together, we didn't have to wait long, and about 5 minutes later she walked in and we all shouted SURPRISE!! When we asked her after Shannon said she was a little suss and had her suspicions but she was surprised none the less and so happy and grateful it made ME so happy to see heeh. So I spent the rest of the night feasting on muffins, scones, sushi, rice, corn, pesto pasta, bread, hummus, strawberries and more.

Then I also had a few plates of dessert which was cookies, ice cream, rice, jam and more muffins eheh. We talked heaps the entire night with the entire crew about society, vegan activism, depression, entitlement and other big topics, and it was so much fun.

I remember so many laughs and just so many fond memories in general. man I just love this crew so much. Then I came home, had a few more bowls of cereal before bed, then passed out around 10. :)