DAY 169

So today was the most perfect beautiful day. As soon as I walked outside this morning, I could just feel it. The air was still, warm, but not muggy or scorching. It was just perfect, blue skies, sun, and calm winds. So it was the perfect day to go for a ride with FRIENDS, and that's exactly what I did.

We just cruised up to Nortons, then through basket range and up to Lofty, before heading down the freeway to check out this climb that Harley wants to everest tomorrow. When we were descending down the freeway, it was just so peaceful, there were virtually no cars, it was a nice gradient not too steep, and I just felt like we were gliding on clouds. I had this moment of utter peace where I just looked up at the sky and around me while floating down the hill and couldn't stop a grin from spreading across my face. It was just utter bliss. 

Then when we got to Gill Terrace, the climb Harley wants to everest tomorrow, I knuckled down and made it my goal to make it to the top. So this climb is crazy steep, its super short, under 1 km but there are parts that are between 25-30% gradient. And one of our friends came off her bike doing it so I was a bit nervous about whether I'd make it. I just paced myself and took the beginning super slow, Anthony was warning me that the steepest bit comes at the driveway at the end, so I should save my strength for then. By the time I got to the driveway my front wheel was already lifting off the ground since it was so steep and I was pulling on my handle bars so much, and I almost didn't make it, but the guys and Freelee were all encouraging me and telling me I was almost there, and eventually I finished. I unclipped immediately and got my bearings and passed on doing another lap of the climb ahah once is enough. Then Anthony Andrew and I headed back home. 


When I got back I ate, foam rolled and called Bonny for an hour. We chatted about our plans, our thoughts and just life, and I hung up just feeling so happy and in a good mood. SUCH GOOD VIBES.

Then I showered, ate a pile of bananas, did laundry, got groceries, picked up my new tires which came in the mail, and replied to comments, and had a few bowls of weetbix with dates, coconut milk and pb2 powder . Then I edited all afternoon before a really rushed simple dinner of rice and frozen veggies, with an entire tub of hummus and pita bread. Then I just managed to have scarf down two lara bars as dessert before taking my second coaching call this time with a different client! AND OMG, she was the lovliest person like EVER. I swear to god I want to be her best friend ahaha. She was just such a kind sweet soul and we connected right away, I also felt like we made so much progress and I'm so excited to continue watching her grow and challenge herself and heal herself physically and mentally! Then I did some more editing before finally passing out around 11. A busy productive wonderful day. I was so busy I didn't even have time to take pics of my food WAH.