DAY 170

So today was a full on hectic non stop day, but it was WONDERFUL! So it was flipping chilly today, which I guess is why only Griff, Andrew and I went out riding. OH YEA, GRIFFS BACK! He got back late last night so it was the first time I saw him in FOUR WHOLE DAYS! ahah, anyways, Andrew was going for a PB up nortons (which he got!) so Griff and I just cruised up after him, and I got to hear all about Griff's Bali adventures. It sounded like he had a sweet time, except for the fact that he was basically hungry the entire trip ahah. Apparently it was difficult to get lots of high carb foods there, since it was so touristy, lots of the food was catered to westerners and just really fatty and low carb ahah. His card also got blocked while he was away but thank goodness he had aussie dollars which he could exchange! He said the riding there was great though and the country side was beautiful. OH AND when he was coming back into australia he got full on interrogated by the border patrol lady. I guess because he went away for such a short trip, and was entering again on a tourist visa, it seemed real suss, but she was like drilling him and asked to see proof of his bank statements, and asked who he was travelling with and what not. Griff even had to give her my number, and eventually she had him sit down and just started looking through his phone and all his messages.... like WTF is that legal? But anyways that held him up for awhile, then he had to build up his bike and bike home at like 11 last night while he was tired, dehydrated and thirsty ahah. WHAT AN ADVENTURE EH? lol

But while we were riding it started pissing down rain so we just went down Greenhill and man that was like the chilliest windiest descent. I was kinda scared honestly, and the rain was just pelting down hard. I was soaked and so were the roads which made me nervous since my tires are shit and have zero grip, so I just went HELLA slow. But halfway down the rain stopped and the roads dried up so it wasn't too bad. But by the time we got back to my place we were chilled to the bone. But the first thing I did was eat a bowl of weetbix then make one for Griff, and when I came back into my room he had changed into trackies (he stored his bag at my place when he went to Bali) and was wrapped up in my blanket ahah.

Then after he ate, we changed my tires and put on the new ones that I ordered, and by that time the sun seemed like it was coming out so we decided to bike over to Gill Terrace to show Harley some support and chill with Freelee. While we were putting our cycling shoes on, I accidentally dropped Griffs cleat right on his toe EEE my bad, but his reaction was hilarious. He started yowling then just picked me up and slung me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and dropped me onto my bed ahahahah. I was pissing myself laughing the entire time lol. So anyways we put leg warmers and cover ups on and headed out to find Harley and Freelee. But on the ride over, we somehow took this detour that was supposed to be shorter, but just ended up being super steep ahah, so I was pretty tired after getting to Gill Terrace. We found Freelee in her van parked at a flat section midway up the climb eating a honeydew melon ahha, and chatted with her for a bit, before deciding to do 2 laps halfway up with Harley. I did 2 and thought it was tough enough and Harley has to do 108 to Everest, how nuts is that ahah. Then for the next few hours Griff and I sat in Freelees van with her chatting, watching videos, and helping Harley out however we could by filling his bottle, giving him cliff bars etc. Griff mostly spent the few hours trying to filch food off of Freelee ahah. He got a couple gels, some figs, coconut water, and some melon from her ahah, he's a master seagull. But I dont blame him he's still so hungry and in such a deficit from his Bali trip ahah. 

Nicole and Anthony also made an appearance to show him some support, and when they left we left as well. Griff came back to pick up his bag and to eat some rice, then I ate a bit of rice and a few more bowls of weetbix and cereal, changed into long pants since it was still effing chilly, and did some editing before riding over to Shelbys with Griff for dinner! Tori was over too, and we just had a swell time chatting and hanging out. Then Griff and I also practiced the duet that we're working on, and man I just love it. It's so much fun making music, and also learning something new. Then we had the most divine dinner that mumma meg cooked up! I had soooo many rounds of sweet potatoes, greens and mushrooms, tumeric rice, roasted pepper sauce, grilled corn and bananas alll with tahini, coconut sugar and sriracha.

Then I had like 5 rounds of dessert which was just more sweet potatoes with banana, tahini, raspberries, coconut sugar and maple syrup. YUM. Then after some more piano practice, Shelby, Griff and I biked into the city to meet the others who were also participating in the earthlings experience! So because there was so much interest, (over 50 people came out) we were able to have 3 seperate groups of people showing the documentary and holding signs. But I wanted to interact with the public and talk to people, so what I did was I would hold some info pamphlets on veganism and when I saw people stop and watch, and just generally show some interest in what we were doing I'd go up to them, give them a pamphlet and jsut start chatting with them. AND MAN IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

The two hours just flew by, I absolutely loved talking to people and just spreading the message of veganism and health. There were so many people that I talked to who seemed super switched on and keen to try veganism, I swear there are at least 2 or 3 people I talked to who were converted after what they saw and heard today. Most of the people I talked to had never seen that kind of footage and were shocked and apalled. I also caught bits and pieces of many passerby's conversations saying things like how uncomfortable the footage made them feel and how they couldn't watch that stuff... I also spoke to these two girls in chinese for awhile about veganism and it seemed like they were really interested and keen to give it a go! But man were there also a lot of idiots out tonight ahah, there were the usual uninformed people who insisted on arguments regarding protein and what not despite my best efforts to educate them on the truth. But also today was the engineering pub crawl so there was no shortage of drunk teenagers, and loads of them would just walk by and shout stupid comments like "BEEF YUM" and it just irritated me so much that eventually I started chasing down a group of guys who were chanting beef beef beef as they walked by us. And I lost my cool a bit and was shouting and swearing at them ahah, their disrespect just angered me, but I had to remind myself that they're just drunk idiots. But for the most part it was seriously jsut such a cool experience that left me feeling on a high. There's nothing like spending your time doing something that's of service to others or to a cause that you're passionate about. I got heaps of footage too because Griff was my camera man and helped film loads of the conversations so tomorrow I'll work on editing some of the footage together! This just makes me want to do more and more activism and just fires me up more than ever to do everything I can to get the vegan message out there! Then just after 9, we headed back home, after I peed in Hungry Jacks ahha I was BUSTING! The ride home was super chilly but in a way peaceful and calming. Then I came home had 3 more bowls of weetbix (Activism is very taxing ahah and I worked up an appetite), wrote this blog post, and then went to bed just after 11. A full on day full of inspiration and happiness.