DAY 171

GUYS IM NOT VEGAN ANYMORE! ahah jk, but in reality I did accidentally eat something non vegan :( So here's what happened. We rode up Nortons at 9 today since it was so chilly, and after getting to the tap, we did the usual, where we just chill out there and talk for ages. And Griff offered me this soy bar that he brought back from Bali, and as I was eating it I was like, wow this tastes so much like butter. A quick google search of the ingredients (they were in Indonesian) and we realized there was milk powder, eggs, and butter in it.... FAIL AHAH. I just assumed that griff had already sussed out the ingredients, and Griff just assumed that a bar that was marketed as a soy bar, and called Soy joy would have soy not milk... and be vegan ahah. But I mean you live and you learn ahha. Then we all cruised up to Lofty, and just the last 100m Freelee and I sprinted ahah and gave it a final push. And I may have gotten a literal push from Griff to help me out ahha. Then we all sat and tried to soak up the few rays of sun, before finally getting too chilly and heading back down. By the time I got back it was already 12, so I had breakfast/lunch of heaps of bananas and dates, then I also cooked up some rice which I ate with sriracha and a shit ton of sugar. I just put sugar on like everything now ahah, it just makes everything tastier! Then I showered, stretched, and answered some emails, before spending the rest of the afternoon editing. Then around 3 I called my mom and we chatted for an hour, and by then I was pretty tired so I took a 30 minute power nap before Nicole picked me up to go to Jen's house for Emily (jens' daughters) Birthday party!!! She's turning 15, and is one of my good friends here in Adelaide!

I first met her at the picnic in January where she told me that she'd been watching my youtube videos for ages, and she was just such a sweet lovely young switched on girl and I loved her right away! ahha since then she's just grown on me even more, and I feel almost a big sister type protective way about her, and truly wish her all the happiness in the world. She's like a ray of sunshine and so beautifully innocent and I hope she always retains that quality. ANYWAYS, I got her a jar of cashew cheese because I knew she loved that stuff, and off we went to her party. Her parents had gone all out and decorated their backyard with lights, and a little seating area.

And man they went all out with the food. They ordered 40 vegan pies, made chilli con carne, rice, had heaps of fruit, crackers, dip, salsa, chips, and SOOOO MANY DONUTS! I had about 4 servings of rice and chilli, 3 pies, and was constantly grazing on grapes and crackers with salsa.

Then I had a few bowls of rice with jam and cereal, as well as a few bowls of banana ice cream with fig jam and cereal.

Oh yea then I had 2 donuts. LOL so I'm not sure why since I ate heaps today, and didn't even do that much exercise but I was just unstoppable today.

I just kept eating ahah and now I am ready to pop. ahha. I spent the evening meeting Emily's friends and gossiping with them about boys eheh. And the rest of the night I spent chatting with the group of us who went to Emily's, so aka Nicole, Anthony, Griff, Freelee and Harley. One of the funniest parts of the night was just listening to Harley and Freelee debate which city reigned superior: Gold Coast or Adelaide, I remember Harley saying that they should just cut gold coast out of australia and make it part of New Zealand, lol. OH Nicole and Anthony also decided that my iconic word that I use to death is: lol. No one else really says it but me ahah, and they're right I do use it way too often but it's just the perfect word for almost every situation ahha. Anyways, in regards to the GC VS. Adelaide debate,  I reserve judgement until I go to Gold Coast and experience what Freelee's describing for myself eheh. Then before leaving, I mentioned to Jens that maybe he could adjust Griff before his race tomorrow, and it was hilarious to watch him grunt and groan in discomfort lol, but after he finished he felt so much better. Then Jens proceeded to also adjust Harley, Nicole and I as well. When he adjusted me, it literally was the shortest adjustment, maybe just 5 minutes. But that's all that was needed, my knee has gotten so much stronger since our first adjustment and it's so satisfying to see my body healing slowly but surely! Then around 9:30 we decided to head off, I said bye to Emily and thanked Wendy and Jens for having us then Nicole dropped me off. It was a wonderful way to spend the evening! I truly enjoyed just spending time in the company of people that I love!