DAY 154

So my morning ride today was around this concept Griff told me about called sweet spot training. So basically you find a wattage, that is relatively easy for you to hold, and you do a climb a few times at that sweet spot. So I rode up Nortons 3 times between 140-150 W which is my sweet spot.

Then just rolled on up to Lofty with Nicole and a few of the guys. Then I came back and said hello to my dear friend "the foam roller" for 20 minutes of PAIN, and after showering I lathered this coconut oil mix I got from coco body all over me and I kid you not I smelt like a macaroon cookie, I wanted to eat my skin ahah. Then I stalked ellen fishers instagram because SHE IS BEAUTIFUL and amazing and I miss that family (check out her insta @ellenfisher), watched a vlog that Bonny made from Adelaide because i'm missing them (but they're coming back soon ish so its all good, we can sing moulin rouge together soon woooo), filmed a video myself, ate oats and toast with dates smooshed on them, then spent the rest of the day editing away.  Then around 4 Griff came around after he went to the shops so he could air drop some videos of me cycling to my laptop for my vids! But man he was so tired, and I was myself, just from not getting enough sleep these last few days I felt so bad ahha so I gave him loads of dates and bananas to try to revitalized him, ahha. Then I made dinner to bring to Nicole's house for our MEAN GIRLS MOVIE NIGHT! Freelee has never seen it so we thought we'd remedy that tonight! I brought over my own rice and bread, dates and bananas, and Federica picked me up, and she brought loads of sweet potatoes. On the drive over we were just bonding and talking heaps about our pasts and our struggles and whatnot. Then when we got there, Shannon, Nicole, Fed and I stood around the kitchen chatting and waiting for Freelee to arrive. While waiting Anthony came home from work, and we decided that he could crash our girls movie night ahah. And after Freelee arrived, and her Nicole and Anthony ordered pizza, we set up the movie and started watching.

I haven't seen that movie in AGES, and it's just such a classic, and so quotable I'd forgotten how much I loved it ahah. It was just such a fun way to spend the evening, laughing over how ridiculous and dramatic everyone in the movie was, how "highschool" it was, and of course laughing over Regina's diet attempts at losing weight ahah. Basically it was just an awesome way to spend a wednesday night, watching a movie with friends, eating yummy vegan food. We're going to try to make these girls (+Anthony) nights a weekly thing cuz we just all had so much fun.

After Federica dropped me off I wolfed down 3 more bowls of oats because I definitely underestimated my hunger tonight and didn't bring enough food! Then I read some poetry (I'm a nerd I know) right before going to bed at 10, WOOT an early night for once, and I'm sleeping in tomorrow, LIFE IS GOOD! It's all about the little things guys :P