DAY 172

Woke up to another chilly morning, fresh, crisp and invigorating! We've been starting to meet later and later in the morning for our rides because of the cold mornings, and today we met at 8:30. I guess because I ate so much yesterday I had quite a bit of energy and really wanted to do a bit of a longer ride. But first we went up Nortons to try to help Nicole get a sub 20, but the weather and other forces just weren't in our favour and she just missed it, but she worked her ass off and it was still a massive effort! So after Nortons a few of us went to Lobethal and did a 60 km loop. AND IT WAS SO FUN! It was such a perfect day for riding, not too warm, sunny, and clear skies. And there were a few new faces that joined us so it was so great getting to meet new friends! I talked heaps to someone called Lachlan, hes only 14 and already a crazy fit vegan cyclist! And just such a sweet kind gentle soul, I also met his dad Brad, who's also a vegan cyclist, and a few other awesome peeps! Jens and I had talked about just making it a cruisy ride but it ended up being pretty tough! And after coming back I was pretty pooped. But I had a coaching call in a few hours so I made sure to eat heaps of bananas and dates so I'd have energy to give my client all my energy and attention! So I quickly showered, stretched and got ready for my coaching call. So after an awesome coaching call with a new client I quickely made some rice and scarfed that down with sweet chilli sauce before heading to the shops for some veggies because i've been severely neglecting and missing my broccoli eheh. But then I started getting a tad worried. Griff and Anton did a road race today out near Wilunga! It's a 100 km race, and started at 10, so by 4, they definitely should have been done. But Griff wasn't replying to any messages so I was just hoping one of them didn't crash. Then Anton replies and tells me HE DID CRASH! EEEK but thank god its just surface wounds! 

And because I was pretty pooped by then I just made an early dinner, of a shit ton of rice, veggies, sweetchilli sauce, and then about 6 bowls of cereal with dates, bananas, peanut butter and coconut milk YUMMMMM. And I watched Land Before Time while eating and it was perfect. Then Shelby and her friend Renee called me and we had the most lively chat laughing our heads off and making plans to have a cozy movie night asap eheh. Then right after that Griff called me and gave me the full scoop on the crash. They were about 25 kms into the race when some guy in front of them sort of skidded out and fell, and the guy behind him went over him and broke his collar bone, and Anton went over them both but thankfully was alright. Anton's bike then hit Griff's and sent his go pro flying. Then Anton was driven to the hospital to get checked out, so Griff drove Anton's car over to pick him up from the hospital before riding back home with Harley. Because of all the hecticness he wasn't able to reply to my messages, which is why I got worried, but it's all good both him and Anton are okay and alive! I'd really prefer they didn't do another race... lol just because in these races it doesn't matter how safe or proficient they are as riders if the rider in front of them messes up or has a fall. And I prefer when my friends are alive and well ahha. But they love it, so if it's worth the risk for them then I have to just bite my tongue and support them :) And now it's just before 10 and I'm off to bed!