DAY 173

Went for a morning spin with Griff, JOEYYYY (who I havent seen in ages, I missed him eheh), Andrew, Nathan, Cleo and Federica! We took it easy up Nortons, then went up to Lofty at a pretty good pace! And when we got to lofty, a few of us did some pushups and it just always reminds me how weak my upper body is ahha! Just doing 10 is like an effort, then I also decided to challenge myself and see if I could still hold plank for 10 minutes, and I ended up accomplishing it but just barely! I was dying and my whole body was shaking by the end ahha. Then we all just sat in the sun and chatted for ages before finally rolling down. Once I got back, I ate more weetbix, had grapes, a cliff bar, showered, stretched then waited for Griff to come over. So Griff came over and we biked into the city together to the Thai embassy where we got our 60 day visa for Thailand. It was such an easy process, basically went into the room, filled out a form which took 2 minutes, gave the lady our passport and forwarded her our flights, paid $45 dollars each and voila. The visa will be ready in two days, and then we'll be able to stay in Thailand for 60 days upon entry. WOOT easy done! Then after that we went to Rundle mall and I bought some synthetic birks style sort of sandals. We also stopped in at a camera store to look at some camera's. I wanted to get one for vlogging since my huge DSLR is just so cumbersome and annoying to film with! But they were all out of my budget, so I'll have to keep hunting around for deals. Then we biked over to Organically grown where we picked up some supplies for dinner. We got the juiciest sweetest medjool dates, avocados, corn, the cutest TINIEST mangoes, and sweet delicious cherry tomatoes.

Then we also stopped off at Foodland for rice, sauces, beans, some veg, and soy milk. And then around 4 we finally made it to Griffs place where we immediately put on some rice. Then all 4 of us (shannon, Nicole, Griff and I) sat around foam rolling and massaging each others crazy tight muscles. I was rollling Griffs IT band for him, and was like muahaha I'm gonna inflict so much pain on him, and I had my head bent over so my hair was falling down onto my face, and it somehow got caught on the mini roller and pulled out a huge chunk of my hair LOL. That's karma biting me in the ass for trying to be a cheeky bugger lol. Then he got his revenge when he helped massage my leg, I was honestly like grimacing and rolling around from all the pain ahah. Then we all sort of sat around trying to convince the others to cook, and finally we decided to all pitch in and contribute. We ended up cooking up some broccoli, bok choy, and made a corn, mango, salsa, and devoured it with tons of avo and sweet chilli sauce. NOMMM.

Then I had about 4 huge bowls of dessert rice with cereal, coconut sugar, dates, tahini and soy milk which was tasty AF. We all sat on the floor in their lounge and ate together while watching some trippy youtube videos about physics and the world and how we perceive things and numbers and what not. Basically things that made my brain hurt and concepts that make me feel dumb AF ahah. And then I just sat on the couch chatting and also trying to find a camera to order online. Eventually Griff and I found a site that had a sweet deal on the Canon g7x, and a new go pro for Griff, and we're gonna place the order ASAP! SO ILL HAVE A VLOGGING CAMERA! AKA MORE VLOGS R COMING UR WAY! yay! Then after getting lengthy instructions on how to get home I biked home very cautiously and slowly in the dark. And after writing this blog, I listened to some of the audiobook of The Secret Garden (one of my childhood favorites) and replied to emails. Then I got to bed before 10 pm! What a productive fun day :D