DAY 174

So this morning, Griff, Cleo and I did sweet spot training up Nortons. Basically I did 3 reps of Nortons at a comfortable wattage for me which is anywhere between 140-150W. After the 3rd one I was deffs sweaty and pretty fatigued. Then we rolled up to the tap where Nicole and Freelee were chatting, and joined them sitting on the grass just stretching and enjoying the sun. Then us 3 decided to go down Montacute road because its the NICEST smoothest most relaxing descent, and on our way down, Cleo noticed Pound road and said he'd never done it before, so we spontaneously just decided to go down then up it, and it was beautiful! Just a short climb, but the roads were smooth, car less, and lined with vibrant green trees that shaded our path. By the time we finished the descent and I got home it was around 11. So I quickly ate some dates, filmed a few videos, showered, and got ready for my coaching call at 2. The call went great and I felt like we made so much progress :) And then I carried on editing for awhile before my rumbling tummy reminded me I really hadn't eaten much all day so I inhaled 5 bowls of weetbix, did the laundry, and packed my bag for Shelby's house. Shelby finished work at 6, so Griff and I biked over to make her family dinner. We prepped the sweet potatoes, and rice, then practiced the piano duet that we've been working on. Then we started making a veggie stir fry as well with heaps of cabbage, cauliflower, peppers, basil, carrots, zucchini and other goodies. We seasoned it with shit tons of herbs, and later obviously drowned it in tahini and sriracha. I also snacked on some super sweet grapes and figs that Griff brought over from his garden while cooking.

Then right when our tummies were starting to grumble Hazel and Shelby came home! And we all feasted. I had like 3 plates of dinner while watching Spirit (LIKE MY ALL TIME FAV ANIMATED MOVIE FROM WHEN I WAS A KID). Hazel has never seen it and Shelby and Griff haven't seen it in ages and barely remember what happens so it was so much fun to watch it with them hehe. I was like singing all the songs and just dying over how amazing the movie is. We decided that I'm like the Indian Little Creek, and Griff is Spirit the stallion since he's such a good leader but also because he's such a cheeky fella just like Spirit.

I also had 4 bowls of dessert which was more sweet potatoes, rice, bananas, figs, plum jam, tahini, coconut sugar, and maple syrup. NOMMMM. Then we all just lay on the mattress in the living room nursing our food babies and loving the movie. And after it finished Griff and I rode home and I got ready for bed and was in bed just after 10.