DAY 175

So a few people were planning on doing repeats up Woodlands way, which is a really steep but short climb, but I didn't really wanna stress my knee too much so instead Griff and I just did an easy relaxed ride up Montacute and around the hills there.

It was so funny, I just really struggle with taking it easy and not just semi pushing it every ride, so Griff had to keep reminding me just to CHILL and go easy ahah. He also taught me some Thai in preparation of our Chiang Mai trip! Last year when I went I picked up a teeny bit but I really want to be able to talk to locals at least a little this year! It's so similar in the structure of wording to Chinese and extremely tonal just like Chinese, so I'm picking it up fairly easily, but regardless it's still a struggle aha. Then I was home before 10, and uploaded a video, showered, stretched, ate some weetbix and dates, and then started my version of a working day ahha. I had THREE clients back to back today!

And I know it doesn't sound that intensive, but each coaching call is pretty taxing for me. I put all my energy into and really invest in their struggles so sometimes it feels as if I'm taking on their struggles as well, but still I'm not complaining. I LOVED IT! It's just so rewarding to feel as if you are directly impacting and helping someone gain back their health and happiness. I'm truly enjoying it and getting to know all these lovely wonderful girls! But boy was I just exhausted by the end of the day, so all I did was just cook up a bunch of rice, veg, and eat it with sriracha and soy sauce. Then had a few more bowls of rice with jam and some weetbix with cereal while watching two animated movies. I watched The emperors new groove, and the road to eldorado because I just wanted to shut my brain off after using it so much today ahaha. Then I called my friend back before just passing the fuck out ahah.