DAY 176

Did a pretty intense ride today, I went up Nortons 3 times at a moderate pace, then rolled up to Lofty before coming back down. It wasn't super long are crazy hard but I just didn't take long breaks like I usually do so it was just a pretty consistent training ride. Super fun though I loved just being out on my bike in the hills, it was like morning meditation ahah. Then I came home and was just so hungry. I had weetbix before my ride and finished off my cereal, so when I got back all I had was rice and I couldn't be fucked to wait for rice to cook ahah, so I just ate 3 cliff bars, a lara bar, and the rest of my bananas instead. Then when I had food in my belly I began my stretching/foam rolling while watching some Ted talks! Then after I showered, Anton came to drop off some bike stuff that I ordered with him from wiggle and we chatted a bit, before he headed off to the fruit shop. I then called my mom and checked in to see how she was going on her VEGAN DIET! She's been eating vegan this last month and complaining of feeling dizzy and when I talked to her I realized that she like so many other vegan beginners just wasn't eating enough so I basically told her to carb the fuck up ahhaha :P


Then I literally sat in front of my laptop for an hour trying to write but I just couldn't I had the WORST writers block ahha. So after an hour I gave up and filmed a video instead lol. Then around 3:30 Nicole picked me up so that Her, Griff and I could go to chiro before our movie night! We went to his practice this time because the table he has there is a lot better and he adjusted all 3 of us. He also showed Griff where to massage my lats because they've been really sore since my car crash. Jens reckons theres some deep bruising there from the impact. Anyways, we finished around 5 then drove back in rush hour traffic and were pretty hungry by the time we got back to Nicoles. Thank goodness Anthony and Shannon were legends and prepared some food for us. Anthony put some rice on, and Shannon steamed some greens and pumpkin as well as baked some spuds. SPUD LOVE haah. But when we got back we realized it still wasn't enough food so we put on another rice cooker full of rice. And while we waited for the food to finish cooking Griff gave me a B12 shot, and man it hurt EEEK! Then when the food was done we all started serving up and feasting, we were all sooooo hungry ahah.

And we all ate together while watching... SUPERBAD! I've never seen it and guess what, it was written by two people that went to my highschool which was hilarious to watch ahah, but honestly it was just such a funny movie. I fucking loved it! And dinner was absolutely delicious, devoured so much food, and then Griff made me the perfect dessert of heaps of rice, sustain cereal, with bananas, mangoes, tahini, soy milk and coconut sugar.

I had two HUGE tupperwares full and was still kind of hungry ahah. But oh man, tonight was just so fun. I just laughed my ass off at the movie, ate delicious food with awesome people that I love dearly, and was just so happy.

Then Federica drove me home, and I had a few more bowls of cereal before going to bed eheh.