DAY 177

So this mornings ride was the CRUISIEST of cruisy rides ahah. We rode maybe 10 minutes up nortons to the first hair pin then stopped to take photos. I brought my big DSLR in a backpack so I could take shots for everyone, and we spent close to an hour just getting shots going up and down the hair pin as well as just posing with our bikes. It was so much fun, I just love taking photos for other people especially my friends!

Then we rolled up to the drink tap and just chilled in the sun watching Jenna Marbles videos ahaha. Then I came back and cleaned my chain before lubing it up. And after showering I spent the better part of an hour trying to get the wifi to work, man it truly is frustrating dealing with shit wifi! Then I filmed a very passionate video ahha about Orthorexia and HCLF vegan. It's something I've been meaning to get out there for ages but just haven't gotten around to it. Then I had two coaching calls back to back. And then for dinner I just made a pile of rice, frozen veggies, and then heaps of cereal for dessert, all while editing my video. I was just so fired up and that's all I wanted to do and could think about. And by 9 my video was done and uploaded and I was ready for bed by 10. EEE nervous for tomorrow... gonna try to do a TT, we'll see how it goes, ready for a lot of PAIN :P