DAY 179

Today was the bestest of days. So I rode up with Shelby this morning (HER FIRST TIME UP NORTONS) and she went so well! We went at a really easy pace since Shelby's never ridden up hills before and it was so nice to just go up with her, Emily and WILL (shelby's dad) we chatted the whole way up, then when we got to the tap I found out that Nicole got her SUB 20 up Nortons, she was paced by, Griff (of course) and really pushed herself hard!!!! I was so impressed and proud of her hehe. Then Griff, Anton, Cleo, Shannon and I carried on to do the Lobethal loop, but it was just so chilly and I was pretty pooped so after we were like halfway to Lobethal I decided not to continue on, so Shannon, Cleo and I turned around and just headed back. Which worked out perfectly because I was able to join Jens and Emily at the Jeps Cross Market. Shelby and Andrew were also there so we met them at the markets! So the main mission of the market trip was to buy boxes of bananas, but by the time we got there they were all gone except for this one guy who was selling them for 24 dollars a box, which was wayyyy too much! We wanted to find a BARGAIN. So I was a little bummed, BUT, we ended up finding the kindest vietnamese lady who was selling lady finger bananas and all kinds of sweet potatoes, and other veggies. And the lady finger bananas were ONLY $1/kg, so we all bought some, and just because she was so lovely I was asking her her name and just about her life. Her name is Jenny, and we just got chatting heeh, and I ended up giving her a hug. Then out of nowhere she whips out a whole box of 12 kg of the bananas and says with a huge grin and a thick asian accent "I give you for 5 dollars!" I said OMG YES PLS and gave her another hug eheh.

Then she started giving us all this other free stuff like cabbages, and leeks and cauliflowers and what not. So in the end, it worked out perfectly, we found an amazing banana lady, got amazing bargains and just made a new friend in general. Then when I got home I literally ate like 30, I just couldn't stop they were so tasty. Then I filmed a few videos, before Griff rode over so we could go to the house that Shelby was house sitting. There was a piano at the house, so Griff and I played piano, then we baked heaps of sweet potatoes, and capsicum and carrots! Then Andrew came over and we made a delish veggie stir fry and guacamole.

Then for dessert we blended up bananas into a sort of thick sauce, and I ate that with heaps more sweet potatoes with a SHIT ton of tahini, and a crap ton of fig jam. Then I also had some cereal, and after Andrew also made me a bowl of warmed weetbix with more tahini and coconut sugar. Needless to say by the end of the night I had a massive food baby but it was all nice and warm in my tummy. BUT the best part was that we watched Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince. Well we got through half of it, and I'm dying to know what happens next. I've never seen any of the movies after the order of pheonix, and haven't read any of the books EEK! I know I know WHAT?! lol Griff was giving me so much shit for never reading them but IDK I just never got into them, but anyways I'll get to it at some point in my life. Then Meg came and picked us up, and on the ride home we were just talking about such meaningful topics, and basically just saying how the world would just be such a better place if everyone acted from their hearts, and lived true to their hearts. Then I ran in to my kitchen, grabbed all the veggies I got from the market and gave it to Meg since they didn't get that much from the markets and had a whole family to feed ahah so I thought they needed the veggies much more than me. Then we all had a group hug, in the pitch black of the night out side the car, and my heart just warmed with so much love. I truly love those 3 human beings oh so much I can't even describe it. And I am going to miss Shelby and Meg more than they know when Griff and I leave Adelaide. AH less than a month left... I'm gonna cry :(