DAY 180

This morning it was SOOO COLD, so I fully rugged up for my ride. I wore leg warmers, a base layer, my usual kit, and my wind breaker, and I was still a bit cold ahah. There was also a HUGE wind, so I wasn't too sure about going on the loop I'd planned on doing. A few of the guys were gonna do a South Loop, and I was gonna tag along but I also didn't really want to slow them down, but they told me to come along and that it was just a fun adventure ride not a training ride so I CAME! and I am so fucking glad I did, cuz man it was probably one of my favorite rides i've ever been on.

So first of all the temperature was actually great, once we warmed up it was perfect riding temperature. Secondly it was with Griff, Anton and Cleo, 3 awesome hilarious guys. Thirdly the landscape was seriously SO RAD. I felt like we were in the lion king waste land, in a cool eery way hahh. Fourthly the roads were so smooth and there was SUCH little traffic! Fifth of all, we saw 5 kangaroos, two stunning horses, and the cutest sheeps! So seriously it was just like the best ride. We ended up doing 70 kms with 1800 m of elevation. I got back around 1, and ate sooooo many bananas.

Then took the longest warmest shower, before making some more rice and having it with strawberry jam eheh. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon editing videos, and grazing on more lady finger bananas. Then I watched Hunchback of Notre Dame while eating bok choy, rice, sauerkraut, and sriracha.

And of course had cereal for dessert hehe. I had about 7 bowls of sustain cereal with puffed rice with heaps of bananas, pb 2 and coconut sugar with soy milk. YUMMM. Then I talked to Margaux on the phone for an hour and got so excited to see her! She's driving over to Adelaide TOMORROWWWW AHHHH <3. I'm fucking so STOKED to give her the biggest hug and cuddle her haha. I still remember when she left Adelaide after the Tour down under, I was almost crying watching her pull out of the driveway, and it seems just surreal that I'll be seeing her again SO SOON! And while I was editing in bed, BONNY called me and informed me that at Gelato Blue they basically have a tahini gelato flavour, and I almost cried ahha. I WISH I COULD BE THERE WITH HER IN SYD EATING THAT NOW :( I miss her so much, and I'm so bummed she isn't coming to Adelaide anymore, BUT I'll see her in GC so it's all good eheh. AND THANK GOD FOR SNAP CHAT, because watching her snap stories always make me feel like I'm with her in spirit, eheh. Anyways, I then read for an hour to wind down cuz I was so over editing, that's all I've been doing all afternoon and evening, and it's now 10 and I'm off to bed! :)