DAY 181

SOOO because it's been getting colder we've started meeting later and later! So Griff, Freelee and I met at 9 this morning, and boy I was freezing in the beginning of the ride. The air was so crisp it burned my nose and lungs ahha, but after a few minutes of riding up the hills I started to warm up. About a quarter of the way up Nortons we ran into Cleo and he joined us for or cruisy ride. We ended up going up Valley drive for a little something different then explored some new roads before descending down montacute. It was a super relaxed fun ride where we just all chatted and cruised around exploring and having an adventure (while also snacking on some gummy bears Freelee brought).

I can't believe Freelee's gonna be leaving on friday, I'm really gonna miss her so much :( Then I got back around 12 and didn't even bother showering since I really didn't sweat at all on the ride ahha, and ate a bunch of my bananas (I've almost finished the entire box wah) before editing for a few hours. Then I went to coles, bought dates, had some for lunch while calling a few bakeries to try to arrange a little tasty surprise for a friend eheh.

Then around 3 Griff came by on his way home from the city and I tagged along with him to the shops before going to his place to edit and eat dinner. We cooked some rice, cauliflower, bokchoy, terryaki cabbage, beans, and a shit ton of sweet chilli sauce NOM.

Also Griffs getting real pro and into photography, with enough practice, he's going to be the one sending me photos that HE's taken for me to use on my instagram. But that day is still far off in the distant future ahha :P

Then Griff, Nicole, Shannon (and Anthony when he got back from work) all sat together on the floor and watched Harry Potter eheh. I'm full on obsessed with it now and deffs want to read the book. Something hilarious that happened during the movie was some people from Green peace came knocking on their door to talk about some kind of initiative, and to get out of it Shannon just said: sorry I have to go feed my baby.

When she told us that's what she said we all cracked up laughing ahah. Also Nicole had sweet potatoes for dinner, and when she sat down my head snapped in her direction because my nose caught a wuff of TAHINI! ahha I can smell that stuff from a mile away... it's like my drug ehe. And it got my thinking.... SOMEONE NEEDS TO MAKE A TAHINI+MAPLE CANDLE. I'D BURN THAT SHIT 24/7 IF THEY DID. Then we made an epic dessert bowl of a coconut sugar banana smoothie with figs that Griff picked from their fig tree, and sustain cereal.

We just kept adding in more and more figs and pouring in more and more sustain and it was TOOO TASTY! heeh. Then around 8 I rode back home, read for another few hours, and went to BED!