DAY 155


155: Woke up to a message from my friend Audra from @thisgirlaudra, saying that she hopes Im well and that she was thinking of me. Like AH how blessed am I to have friends that just message that out of the blue? It seriously warms my heart.  And then it got me thinking about all the amazing friends I have in my life, and I went on a rampage messaging everyone sending them my love ahah. BUT speaking of friends, OMG right before I went to bed yesterday I got a text from Shelby saying she was in a car accident on her way home from work! She's okay, just bruised up but her car has been written off! Like AH not exactly what she needed! I felt so bad and decided I needed to visit her today after my ride.

So after our beautiful 70 km loop that I did with Griff and Anthony, we payed her a visit and gave her a hug and some cliff/lara bars. Then I legitimately came home and messaged my friends for over an hour. How much i appreciated audra, made me realize cant assume our loved ones know and can feel our love, have to communicate and express. I was messaging friends old and new, and just everyone in my life that I loved, and telling them how much I loved them. Telling them all the things that I think about but just never voice because I assume they already know. They just are all so special to me and I want them to feel that and understand that fully. 

So I hope this can serve as a reminder to appreciate your loved ones, and make sure they know how much you love and appreciate them. The people we love are the people who transform our lives from an ordinary one to an extraordinary one, and we must never take that for granted. So take the time to just text them you love them, give them a hug, or bake them some cookies. If you can give love and make someone's day brighter why wouldn't you? So tell them all the things that you think about but just never voice because you assume they already know. Tell them how special they are to you because even if they know in their hearts, it's still incredible to hear. 

Love is one of those magical resources that are free to give and infinite, so tap into that infinite pool and give some love today, right now. You never know when you or your loved ones may go, and you'll regret it if you didn't take every opportunity you could to let you friends, brother, mother, daughter, teacher, partner, or who ever it is that you love know how much they mean to you. <3


Then after only really eating grapes, bananas and dates all day I was soooo hungry by 4, so i started making dinner. Around then Griff came by to use my roller and we discussed our plan of attack for this weeks cycling adventures eheh. I cooked up a massive sweet potato feast with bok choy, corn, sauerkraut and heaps of tahini and sriracha. Then I made more sweet potatoes to have with my dessert which was insane... I mixed sweet potatoes with dates, oats, corn puffs, frozen bananas, grapes, coconut sugar, PB2 powder, and soy milk.. Yup. It was life.

I had 6 bowls... lol oopsies. ahah I was just so hungry and couldn't seem to fill up ahah. Then I spent the rest of the evening chatting to friends, and drooling over Bonny's tahini dessert.... I haven't had tahini in 2 days and I miss it! WAH.

PS I don't think I can have sweet potatoes for a solid few days... I way over did it tonight, I think I'm going to turn orange... ahahah. 

Ah today has been such an incredible day, I spent the day spreading happiness and love to my loved ones. Literally what more could you ever want out of life? I just feel so fucking blessed to have the life I have and all the people I have in my life. I feel so much love in my heart it's truly overhwhelming at times. Ah life is too amazing and wonderful and ah it is oh so good to me.