DAY 182

SOOO today was another chilly morning, so I literally put on like every piece of clothing I could, including a buff to keep my face warm, and met the crew at 9. We went up euro nortons, then came down and went up Woodlands way just to switch it up a bit. Then we sat at the tap, chatting about teeth, eating sour patches and getting colder by the second.

So after awhile Griff, Cleo, Nicole and I decided to head down montacute and back home. I stopped off at Nicole and Griffs place first to degrease and clean my chain.

But because I had a coaching call at 12:30 I had to rush home, and I literally got back, took off my helmet, ate 2 gels (lol), stuffed in a handful of dates, and got on skype with my client ahha. Then after the call, I showered and stood under the hot water for ages, I just didn't want to get out from under the hot water, it just felt so wonderful ahah. And after having a lot of cereal, and a meal of dates, I just edited and stretched before heading to Chiro with Griff and Nicole. Well that was the plan at least, but then we realized that he was actually at his practice and not home, in which case it would have taken too long to get there and back before dinner at 5:30, so we just turned around and went back to Nicoles place, where I filmed a video before we all headed to dinner.


We went to MAI KITCHEN with about 20 of all our friends! Freelee and Harley are leaving on Friday, but Harley's everesting tomorrow so he's going to be, well, biking all day tomorrow ahah so we did there farewell dinner tonight. Freelee's been wanting to try Mai Kitchen for ages, and still hadn't so we had to go there at least once. It's a normal vietnamese restaurant but it has a vegan menu which is pretty cool. ALSO I FINALLY GOT TO SEE MARGAUX.

She got in late yesterday, so they slept in and missed us during the ride, and so at dinner I got to finally hug, cuddle and catch up with her hahaah. I ordered the Laksa noodle soup which was huge and also had some of the pancake and cold rolls, and it was all delicious.

But honestly it was just so good to talk to and hang out with Margaux, I missed her so so much and I just couldn't get used to the fact that she was eating dinner BESIDE ME! ah I feel so blessed eheh! It was also so lovely just to hang out with all our friends, I just spent the night walking around the table talking to everyone for awhile and man just so much love for the adelaide vegan crew here eheh. But by 8 it was getting late and I was a tad tired, and Margaux and Jeremy were keen to leave and were gonna drive me home so we could have more time to chat ahha. So we paid, then Jeremy drove us home and was the taxi driver whlile Margaux and I sat in the back ahha. Then when they dropped me off, they came in to see my place and we chatted a bit more before they raced off to Coles to make it before the shops shut! Then I had about 5 bowls of cereal for dessert since I end everyday with cereal eheh. And thus concludes another rad day in Radelaide! Ready for another one tomorrow!