DAY 183

HOLY FUCK WHAT A FUCKING EPIC DAY AHAH. So I woke up with the intention of doing maybe 30-40 kms, next minute I've done 145 kms and it's 5 pm lol. Alright so this is what happened. Harley was going to everest today, and so we all met at 9 to go to the rolling hills he had chosen to Everest, but as soon as we got there, we realized the traffic was awful and it was just a dangerous road to everest on, so mission everest was aborted, and instead Harley was just going to do 200 kms today. So as a group, we all just rolled down and waited for Freelee to join us from her live TV interview debate thing. It's super cool, she was on a national morning show to debate with a nutritionist about the RT4 Vegan diet! And she said it went really well which is RAD! So when she joined us we just rolled down and did euronortons. Then we rolled up to Lofty, and on the way Joey and I chatted heaps about self love and self worth and it was amazing. It was also awesome also to ride with Margaux again, I missed it! Then when we got to the top Harley was just saying that they'd roll to Lobethal, so I just decided I join them for a bit of the way then head back since I know the way. But after stopping at a shop to buy dates and fuel for the ride, we didn't end up going to Lobethal, ahah instead we went and just explored new roads and it was fucking insane.

So beautiful, the scenery was just magical, and there was like NO ONE out on the roads. It was seriously fucking the best ride ever. Just Harley, Adam, Griff and I, the open road, the sun on our backs and our bikes. We road through gravel, clay, dirt, and tarmac roads, and even hopped two fences when we got to a dead end LOL.

It seriously just reminded me of why I love biking, like I love time trials, and going up Nortons and stuff, but rides like today are what I live for, just being out on the bike all day with friends is seriously the reason I became obsessed with cycling. So after 145 kms of living in the moment and just loving life, I got home at 5, took a 2 minute shower, ate like 20 dates in under a minute (I was so hungry haha), changed, then got picked up by Nicole to go grab the surprise JUMBO donuts I got for Freelee and Harley as a going away surprise gift! This donut is like HUGE, one is 21 cm across, and the other is 30 cm across lol. I got a pink icing one for Freelee since it's her fav, and a chocolate one for Harley, I was so excited to give it to them. Then we met up with all the crew at Govindas for their going away dinner. I knew that I was going to eat a fuck load tonight, but didn't know if I'd just want to eat govindas so I brought cereal, bananas and more dates with me lol. Anyways, Freelee and Harley loved the donuts eheh, and I tried the pink one and it was DELISH!!!

But dude I just feasted at govindas had 4 heaping plates of rice and the tastiest potato curry, then I had 4 bowls of cereal with dates and bananas and sugar. And another bowl when I got home with special k, jam and pb 2 powder. But DUDE I just fucking love life. Dinner was so fun just to chill out and hang with all my friends eating tasty AF curry. I just am so grateful that I am living this amazing life. When you think right, eat right, and live right. The world just opens up to you. So have an attitude of gratitdue, eat a high carb vegan diet, and live an epic life surrounded by like minded people. That is the secret to a fulfilling life (in my humble opinion eheh.)