DAY 156

So we went for a spin up to Nortons as per usual, then Griff and I carried on to Greenhill and went down the road to meet up with Anton before going on a flat beach ride with him and Alex. And wow it was just BEAUTIFUL, the sun was out, and there were no clouds in the sky and the water looked so pristine and cyrstal clear and inviting, it was just epic!

But on one of the descents by the highway, the shoulder legit had SO MUCH SHIT EVERYWHERE. Like glass, plastic, rocks left right and centre and so what do ya know.. I get a puncture... This is my third flat since getting this bike, I think it's time for new tires... these giant tires just aren't very puncture resistant at ALL.

So the guys all helped me, and we got my flat sorted after probably 15 minutes, and carried on with our ride. At one of the beach towns, we stopped at a Foodland for food, I just ate cliff bars but the guys went in to buy juice, and it was hilarious to listen to them winge and complain about how shit the juice was .Griff and Anton both got this apple mango pear juice and were so peeved about how tart and sour it was, lol we talked about how shit the juice was for a good ten minutes and I just found it was amusing. They would take a sip, purse their lips, and start going on about how the fruit quality in Australia is just not there and on and on it went... lol. Alex was pretty happy with his juice though, and I was more than happy with my 2 cliff bars eheh. Mint choc chip... my fav flavour :) Then after we went down south past Brighton, we looped back around and rode back up along the coast. By the time I got home it was almost 2, and I had done 99.9 km. Like what a joke, I was so close to 100 kms ahaha, but anyways, I got back, shoved handfuls of dates into me, then satiated my hunger enough to get through some stretching, foam rolling, laundry and showering. Then I made myself a few bowls of oats with maple sugar and bananas before spending the rest of the already fleeting afternoon editing and chatting with my mama. Then around 3, Griff and Anton came over so we could do a massive wiggle order for bike stuff. I ordered new tires, heaps of tubes, an allen key, and a patch kit, but we were all so spaced out and hungry/fucked from our ride that it took us over an hour to put in our whole order ahah. Then I had to bike over to Griffs to use his pump because mine can't properly pump up long valve tubes without fucking the valve up (lol). And by the time I got back to mine I felt so weak and so hungry, so I legit ate a gel ahah while cooking my dinner of rice, corn, bok choy and sriracha. And then had so many bowls of oats and cereal for dessert. I also ended up dipping my dates in PB2 powder because I was literally still hungry.

I ate while watching Tinker Bell because I'm a sucker for disney movies, and because I was way too tired to follow a complex plot line. Then I decided to not edit or do anything productive since I just couldn't even think. I am just exhausted, and feel so drained, so it's 8:30 and I'm off to bed, good night yall.