DAY 157

After yesterday, I woke up not feeling so flash, so I went for a short ride up greenhill then down Montacute with Daniel, Joey, Eddy and Danni. Then I came back, stretched, cleaned my bike, cleaned my chain, did some errands, then took a spontaneous nap because that's what my body was telling me to do ahha. Then after my nap, I ate the rest of my dates, and realized I was already late for the potluck, so I went to Coles and just quickly bought some pita bread, hummus, and more dates to take to the potluck, but on the way there... I got another puncture WAH. ahah, I was honestly so hungry and tired, and just did not need this complication in my life ahah, but I just sat down, decided to eat all the food I was going to bring for the potluck (because I needed carbs to tackle this flat) and fixed my flat in under 30 minutes! That's a new PB for me lol. Then I went to the potluck and had a splendid time just chatting and hanging out with all my friends,

before coming home to another early dinner and early night. I'm not sure what it is about today, but I'm jus still feeling so drained, and slightly home sick. But anyways, tomorrows another sunny day, and I'm going to skype my mamma