DAY 159

So today I didn't ride my bike!!! ahha shocker! Well i kinda did, but only for commuting ahah, Joey brought his sister and her friend along for a little nature walk with some of us vegans to try to help influence them to lead a healthier more compassionate lifestyle. It was a wonderful walk with great company. But man I dont know whats going on with adelaide weather, it was so flipping windy, I felt like it was storming ahah. Then after the walk, I biked to Jen's place for some chiropractic adjustment, and ended up chatting with him and his wife for over an hour. After that Griff and I went and got our passport photos taken since we'd need them for applying for a visa for Thailand, then we biked to the post office to pick up a parcel that my mamma sent me. And holy moly she loaded it with so many goodies. Cliff bars, cliff gels, maple sugar flakes, maple sugar, more herbal patches, and buckwheat.

Ah she is a legend I swear to god ahha. And after getting back to my place we both massaged our sore muscles for a good while, mostly around the ITB area because it's just so flipping tight. Man it's crazy how exhausted I was today, I felt great yesterday, but since today was like a rest/recovery day, my body's just been using all its energy to repair my muscles and in general heal my body from that hectic week of cycling ahah. So I spent the rest of the afternoon eating cliff bars, oatmeal, massaging and watching Land Before Time ahha. We were talking about it during the hike and it gave me the biggest hankering for it, so I decided to not do anything else productive until dinner. And for dinner I cooked up such a carb feast for Griff and I.

Loads of potatoes, rice, and a tomato veggie stir fry, then we had about 4 bowls of dessert which was just bananas, blueberries, corn puffs and a shit ton of maple syrup and rice malt syrup in it. And we had it all while watching Land Before Time lol. But man I was so tired all night, so I had one more cliff bar after Griff left then basically went straight to bed ahah.